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I'm a Washington State native, enjoying life in Silicon Valley California with my fiancé, our three kitties and one leopard gecko. I like reading wedding blogs, Photoshopping wedding design mock ups, making lists, and planning, planning, planning! I'm a bit of an anomaly, on one side I'm a very girlie girl, I collect shoes, I lay out my outfits 4-6 weeks in advance, and I'd never leave the house without my hair curled and makeup on. But on the other side, I'm a total tomboy, I love to go camping and hiking, play drinking games (hey, I'm Irish!) and most of my closest friends are guys. My fiancé and I are planning a DIY-focused wedding with a balance between easygoing (what he wants) and chic and stylish (what I want), and are tying it all together with elements in lavender, sage, butter cream and chocolate.

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