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I\'m an Iowan girl with a deep love of Harry Potter, classic movies, cardigans, and Post-Its. My type-A Virgo tendencies often cause me to drive my laid-back college sweetheart fiance batty with lists and PowerPoint presentations. I love to be crafty and do things myself, which explains why my two crazy kittens often will prance around the house covered in glitter and ribbons. When I am not bogged down with work, school, or wedding planning, I like to travel to visit my expansive family and have wild adventures with my best friends. After a rollercoaster ride of a love story, I\'m ready to take that final plunge, marry the love of my life, and become a Mrs.!

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Autism Paraeducator
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Penn State
My Pets:
Two cats: Smudge and Kelly Clarkson

About My Partner

Media Specialist
How we met:
College sweethearts

Our Wedding

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August 27th, 2010
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Navy, White, & Line Green
Father\'s Vineyard Church/ A Touch of Class Banquet Center
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