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To drink this is to drink? This is the question… Danish dramedy about midlife crisis, flavored with 0.5 ppm alcohol. The plot with the plot is inherently simple and unpretentious. Four old friends, high school teachers (historian, sports and physical eduction teacher, psychologist and music teacher) at amongst their birthday will discuss the speculation that from the birth someone is afflicted with deficiencies in alcohol while in the blood. Me and my wife watched Druk movie 2021 on https://postheaven.net/femalemoon83/retrospective online. They plan to test this theory on themselves - solely to check the psychological and therapeutic effect of alcohol, as well as to observe possible improvements in their professional and social competencies when you use it, but in strictly working hours, with breathalyzers and meticulously recording all the new changes in life. ... It is actually logical to assume that something need to have prompted the heroes to this particular slightly reckless venture. What actually is the thing that we observe further in the plot. Outwardly, seemingly quite successful in everyday life, seemingly well-off average European "bourgeois", these four friends actually experience the somewhere deep in their souls truly unhappy, have mislaid taste and inspiration forever, have forfeit themselves - each its very own, in general it feels very similar. Here there is an notorious "midlife crisis" that covered the heroes with their heads. The experiment began quite successfully. Maintaining a state of constant drunkenness has yielded initially encouraging results. But ... everbody knows, the further into your forest, the harder firewood breaks on the path of life. The euphoria on the successful introduction of the experiment leads that the libations of your heroes are gaining momentum - an increasing number of doses and more and more degrees ... And somewhere here, in the midst of the film, the rather lightly comedic tone with the film is gradually changing into a dramatic one, depicting in bright colors the inevitable steep peak from the gallant four of alcoholic experimenters. An invigorating and inspiring number of sips of alcohol each and every morning, a bit in the afternoon and a little more - for your good mood at dusk, gradually and steadily, along a sinusoid, slide to states of uncontrollable binges. Everthing started very well, right? As it can certainly often a not too attentive viewer, Thomas Winterberg's film is not very popularizing alcohol as a technique out associated with a problem. Also, it is not an anti-alcohol manifesto. Needless to say, the theme of degree drinks runs about the same plot just like a red thread, linking all the events going on together. It isn't really for free that just minutes of screen time was used on a humorous archival cut with a lot of sober famous politicians. For Denmark itself, with its external well-being, the topic of alcohol abuse (especially among younger generation) is quite acute. Yes, yes, and identical race of schoolchildren around the stream with a box of beer - this tradition also occurs occur in Denmark. Even though the main focus on the film is directed at some middle-aged teachers, the characters from the schoolchildren also are essential in the plot. You may even see some form of comparison here. Schoolchildren, graduation class, exams, a fresh stage - going up, there are fears, doubts, and deficiency of confidence in oneself and ones strengths. Similarly, the personalities from the four main characters can be looked at from the exact same angle. They - the latest ones - are undecided of themselves, have drowned in their own personal gray monotonous everyday living, have prodigal (somewhere within the depths of themselves) the flavors for all his life, its small and many more so - great joys. And are generally also overcome (carefully hidden from others) internal fears of accomplishing something of that nature, maybe even dashing and fun-reckless, in an effort to return the opinion of former youth again, relax and believe here you go - life, around, also it actually pretty cool. But ... to do this - there is certainly neither the courage nor the potency of the fallen and indifferent to everything as well as the whole spirit. There are actually obvious symptoms of the notorious “midlife crisis&rdquo ;.Feeling as should you be sitting on a platform, whilst your train left without you. In the context of the plot, alcohol can be viewed by both younger generation and the older as a type of panacea for all internal fears and barriers. However, the "green serpent" is insidious, and hobby for him won't lead to anything good. Perhaps this really is several leitmotifs of your film "One More Each ".But, on account of the directorial and screenwriting talent of Thomas Winterberg, this semantic load doesn't put pressure about the viewer with the responsibility of moralizing, but is presented very skillfully and subtly. Having been released and noted at possible (in the latest limited pandemic conditions) festivals, the film has already won rave reviews from critics, several prestigious awards and, above all, the passion for the audience. All here is the common merit in the entire team of creators who worked together. The director and scriptwriter - Thomas Winterberg - dedicated the film for the memory in the tragically deceased daughter, merely required to take part in the daughter of the leading character of your film. This fact, obviously, added an exceptional emotional, deeply truthful color on the picture.


Nov 17, 2019
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