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Abuzzy provides Motorhome, RV & Campervan Hire / Rentals in New Zealand COST OF CAMPSITES AND ACCOMMODATION FOR A NEW ZEALAND ROAD TRIP Southern lakes, mountains, rugged beaches and cultured cities. Sticking to the northern half of the South Island ensures that you’ll have plenty of time to explore the many attractions along the way in your New Zealand motorhome hire. Visit This Link won’t want to miss the Abel Tasman Track, wine connoisseurs will find their own personal heaven amongst the vineyards of Marlborough and wildlife lovers will be thrilled with unparalleled opportunities to see whales, dolphins and seals in Kaikoura. While New Zealand’s South Island gets all the good press, the North Island has a host of amazing destinations to discover too. The only surprise you’ll have is how easy our campervans are to drive. They truly drive like a good car and sleep like a campervan. Anyone (18+ years of age) with a valid driving licence can drive a Spaceships campervan. If you’re travelling with children under seven, they will be required to sit in a booster seat. In most cases, you will be able to rent an approved seat from your motorhome provider. When you pick up a cheap campervan hire in New Zealand with Motorhome Republic, keep in mind that there are a few more details to cover before you hit the road. Take a look through our planning guide for essential driving knowledge for your NZ motorhome rental. All Wendekreisen Campervans, Motorhomes and hire Cars may be taken on the Interislander ferry between Wellington in the North Island and Picton in the South Island. 7. Know the price of fuel in New Zealand

  • Feeling well and truly inclined to experience NZ in a Campervan Rental?
  • Our spirit and vision is to connect whanau, friends and guests from all over the world thru hiring a campervan or motorhome with us here at Kiwi Motorhomes, it is a taonga (treasure) when you meet as total strangers and leave as great friends.
  • Our campervans are in excellent condition.
  • In suburban areas, the limit while driving your campervan hire is 50 kilometres per hour, unless you’re in a school zone, in which case it’s 40 kilometres per hour.
  • reference means that the vehicle has equipment onboard to remove any waste created by freedom camping.
  • Where possible, it’s advised to wait for these if you need to overtake.
We hope your journey is a safe and enjoyable one. New Zealand is a beautiful country and, with a campervan hire from Motorhome Republic, we’re sure you’ll have a spectacular trip. Famous around the world for its stunning scenery, friendly people and fine wines, New Zealand is the ideal setting for a memorable motorhome hire holiday. It all comes down to what kind of vacation you’re hunting for - whether you’re a thrillseeker or epicure, this magnificent country has myriad activities for you to enjoy. A camper hire in New Zealand is an ideal way to experience it. Nearby Wanaka also offers prime access to the same ski fields, and while its nightlife isn’t as well known as Queenstown’s, there are quite a number of very cool venues to enjoy when the sun goes down. One of the best things about visiting another country is diving into experiences and activities that you never would have had the chance to enjoy at home. New Zealand may not be a large country, but it is rich with opportunities for adventure, excitement, indulgence and relaxation. One of the most unique and exciting features of a trip to NZ is the chance to get up close to glaciers. New Zealand is home to some of the most accessible glaciers in the world, and these are found in Glacier Country on the west coast of the South Island. Visible from miles away as a result of their dazzling shine, the glaciers are truly a spectacle in themselves, but if you want to get up extra close, you can choose to take a guided tour of either the Fox or Franz Josef glacier and climb the shining ice in true explorer fashion. anonymous ’ll be kitted out with all the necessary gear and be in the safe hands of professionals, but if climbing sounds a bit taxing, you could always splash out for a helicopter ride instead for a bird’s eye view. Whether you decide to get up close or simply marvel at it from your NZ campervan hire, make sure you check out this natural wonder during your trip. Can you sleep in a car overnight with the windows up?The Outback is the ultimate car-camping experience. Not only is the back wide enough for two people and a medium-sized dog to sleep in, but it is also long enough for a 6'7” person to comfortably fit in the back.


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