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Sympathy for Lady Lies ... Clearly there was a united and indivisible Korea for itself, occupied a little peninsula in Southeast Asia, and therefore the Soviet and American military came and revealed that it doesn't happen, that certain people may be forced to reside war, hating others, precisely the same, but separated with a line on the political map with the world. The photo with the cult director (author of "Oldboy") Chang-wk Pak - "United Security Zone" - is merely relating to this line, with regards to the customs of border guards, in regards to the convictions of identical soldiers separated using a strip on a lawn and the design of a uniform, with regards to the status for friendship, which has no political regime no problem. Well, around the tragedy. Within the last few half century, there has been many tragedies about the Korean Peninsula. With the division with the peninsula into two states, people lost contact jointly for many years, the Korean War claimed the lives of lots of people, along with the inhabitants of liberal South Korea live like for a powder keg, finding yourself in uncertainty the place that the frostbitten leader of your DPRK will strike his first military blow ... Isolation of the DPRK externally world isn't likely to profit the development of the nation, the communist ideologists probably don't realize why they ingested power, as well as their brainwashed soldiers in regards to the evil of your West in the person from the United States, which rules puppets from the southern part of the peninsula. The photo develops in an identical spirit. The heroes of the film i watched on are backward northern people who are delighted with chocolate cookies and you will need to do anything whatsoever in the interests of their Labor Party, and personally comrade Kim Jong Il; and young South Korean soldiers who believe which a unification of Korea may be possible and that you have to start small. The screen combines youthful romanticism and human curiosity. South Korean border guards, secretly coming to see their northern neighbors, find friends in them, which four border guards might have served so amicably when it cant be found to the official ideologies of states, ultimately causing dire consequences. "Special security zone" - appears ahead of the viewer like a detective story investigating this drama. A Swiss military investigator (ethnic Korean) done by Ang-e Lee, famous for "Sympathy for Mrs. Revenge", is imbued with history, she becomes personal for my child as well as characters with this forbidden friendship aren't just names in the folder with the way it is number, but real people. For any viewer, this story becomes much the same. It is hard, needless to say, to envision what the heck is unusual here, well, four males are sitting drinking, talking, but you need take into consideration how different these are, regardless of the same nationality. There're talked about in not the same conditions, and it is considerably to enable them to really do the same. It can be even more harmful for the leaders of your Korean states. Chang-wok Park attempted to demonstrate that Koreans are yet, and they could reside in peace and quiet when the authorities gave them a really chance. The director demonstrates the ability of visitors to forgive, even for your bloody battle, the truth is, half a hundred years of hostility is often forgotten. To do this, you only need to start out with unification, a minimum of with the elimination on the demarcation line, that there are merely troubles.


Aug 28, 2019
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