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Trying to save money on things I can DIY so I can pay for things I can’t do myself. A bit confusing to plan wedding sometimes, but taking a deep breath helps to calm down and gives me can do attitude. Patients creates professional looking results I think :) Super excited to have a wedding and excited to plan our married life together.

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Baking, arts and crafts, cultures, interior design
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About My Partner

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Friend of a friend of a friend at Christmas group dinner

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I was moving to Japan, and in the super small studio we shared, he got on his knee and held my hand and said “I’ll do whatever it takes and I’ll do anything for you. Will you marry me?” Then he quit his job in US and found a job in Japan to move with me. That was 3 months after dating, so I said I don’t know. Fast forward 10 years and we are more in love, and he got a pretty ring and said, “anything I do in my life, i do it for you because you being happy makes me happy. That’s all I need. Let’s get married and start a family” so I said yes.
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Elopement style
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Pink, cream, gold
3 Michelin Star restaurant
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Favorite wedding details:
Brick wall in our private dining room that gives rustic elegance feel
Honeymoon plans:
1 month of Europe trip. 2 weeks in Spanish villa and take beginner Spanish class and cook our food by getting food from local farmers market, and 2 weeks in Monaco and take french class together
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