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I'm a small town girl who moved to New York City following a dream of filling my life with as much theatre as possible. When I'm not thinking about theatre or wedding planning, I like to fill my days finding new adventures to go on. My yoga studio is one of my favorite places, followed closely by my bed, under my amazing down comforter. You'll find mostly show tunes and pop music on my radio, with more Christmas music than anyone should admit to listening to. I love to travel and explore, even if I'm not a fan of airplanes. There isn't anything I adore more than simply being in the same room as my amazing family (especially my freakin' adorable niece and nephews). My friends are probably the goofiest people you'll ever meet, and most of our conversions are through emojis and GIFs, but I wouldn't trade one second for anything in the world. I love dancing, pizza, Jesus, animals, laughing until it hurts, dessert, anything with Bradley Cooper in it, scarves, potatoes, essential oils, moccasins, new book smell, Christmas, sticky notes, iced coffee, and my favorite thing of all...Mr. Dreamcatcher!

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