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10 WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM CORONAVIRUS - COVID 19 The most burning and threatening topic out there is about the novel Coronavirus pandemic, creating massive havoc in the World. The scientific name of the latter is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS - CoV - 2). This virus is notorious for causing a potentially severe acute respiratory infection, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID - 19). With the outbreak detected in the city of Wuhan, China, the symptoms of this disease range from mild flu-like symptoms to severe pneumonia leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The disease is as fatal as its name is suggesting. Since then, this disease is spreading like a catastrophe. Coming to the transmission dynamics, person- to- person spread is via the respiratory droplets when a person sneezes or coughs. This is similar as the previous SARS and MERS outbreaks. Following is the enumeration and detailing of the points which should be followed: How to Protect your Family? 1. Know the symptoms: Ignorance is hazardous. In the wake of the spread of this COVID- 19 outbreak, each and everyone out there must be aware of the signs that might arise from this causative agent. What one must also bear in mind is the fact that elderly and immunocompromised (i.e., persons with low immunity, examples include people having diabetes or are under the steroid medication). The most common clinical presentation includes fever, cough, and dyspnea (shortness of breath). Headache, fatigue (tiredness), diarrhea, etc. are some of the uncommon symptoms. Knowing these symptoms will ensure that the person is vigilant enough to take further steps. 2. Stay at Home: As a matter of primary prevention (i.e., when risk is present), staying indoors is safe. This is especially important in the case of older people and children. Discourage gatherings so that there is minimal interaction; this will aid in halting the community spread. In case any of your family members develop symptoms, strictly isolate them unless the next medical assistance is available. Move out of your house, only if there's an utter necessity. At the same time, make sure that you wear a mask or cover your nose and mouth with a clean handkerchief. 3. Practice respiratory hygiene: Cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing to ensure that the aerosols or droplets that you generally do not come in contact with the other persons out there. You could use a tissue or the inner side of the elbow. Dump the used tissue and wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. 4. Practice hand hygiene: Washing hands frequently is the ultimate measure to stop this deadly Coronavirus from spreading. This is extremely important after you sneeze or cough. With all the social media being indulged in educating people about the importance of washing wash, you must be very heedful and follow the WHO 7 steps of handwashing. ü Wet your hands and apply enough of soap ü Rub your palms together ü Rub the backside of your hands ü Interlink your fingers and rubs them ü Cup your fingers of both hands ü Clean both the thumbs ü Clean your nails The duration of washing hands should be a minimum of 20 seconds. In case of non- availability of soap and water, use an alcohol-based sanitizer. 5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth Touching these sense organs unnecessarily is the habit of everyone. Consciously or subconsciously, people rub their eyes, do nose picking, or contact their lips. In this circumstance where your every step matters, people, please hold this in mind that touching these body openings with your dirty hands simple makes it easier for the virus to gain access to your body. In case of the intense desire, wash your hands thoroughly. 6. Disinfect the surfaces: Cleaning and disinfecting the frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, phones, remotes, toilet seat, sink, handles, etc. on a daily basis is also of paramount importance. Use detergent or soap and water for doing the same. For disinfection, household bleach or minimum 70% alcohol can be used. 7. Maintain social distancing: As a matter of primary prevention, it is wise to maintain distance between two individuals. The minimum distance should be 1- 2 meters. This is because the aerosols generated have a reach of 1 meter. This is important to delay and reduce transmission. 8. Care of a pregnant lady: As mentioned earlier, SARS- CoV- 2 is a novel virus, and the availability of the data regarding it is sparse. Information regarding the risk in pregnancy or perinatal transmission (from mother to fetus) is lacking. Thus, in such a scenario, it is best to be extra attentive. Pregnant females should wash hands more often, should stay away from the sick people (even if its simple flu), and cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. 9. Care of kids: The matter of hygiene of children must be carefully watched. Apart from the general measures that is being taken for every family member, their toys should be sanitized properly. Parents should also ensure that their kids don't take toys in their mouths. Make sure that your kids stay at home and do not go to the garden for playing. Keep them indulged inside the house and watch for their eating habits. 10. Avoid direct unprotected contact with live animals and surface in touch with them when visiting the nearby market for purchasing the essential stuff. At the same time, avoid consumption or handling of raw or undercooked animal products. As we all know that 'Prevention is better than Cure,' it is the need of the hour to make sure that we follow the instructions and practice hygiene sternly. Moreover, no cure is available for this highly infectious disease, thus following the preventive and control measures uncompromisingly is climacteric. At an individual and social level, we have a very crucial role. So, guys, let's attempt to 'flatten the curve' and save the World from this ghastly pandemic.


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