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Tips To Sew Button Snaps And Hooks

You must have seen this that in most of the dresses closures are there like buttons and hooks but in the modern form. These closures give look to the dress and din some of the dresses they are just to add elegance. If you have the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes then you can attach the buttons and other things with the help of it.

In some of the cases, you may feel like a little hard to adjust the closures on the dress. We have come up with the tips through which you can deal with the buttons, hooks, and snaps easily. We are also about to show you some of the creative ways to adjust the closures without revealing them on the front.

Sticky Way:

The first thing is how you are supposed to deal with the snap when you have no thread or needle around you but you need to adjust the snap? Well, one thing which should be in your mind is snaps are not that hard to sew into the dress but they should not be revealing. They must be hidden inside some clothing strap or under the shoulder side.

Attach a metal snap prong button

You can attach the snaps on the dress with the help of sticky glue. If this is quite hard for you to attach the snap on the fabric with the help of thread then use any glue or fabric glue to stick it. You can also use glue under the shoulder strap or front button strap to cover up the accessories. Make sure that you are using fabric glue because ordinary glue can form a blob on the dress which will ruin the appearance.

By Hand:

The most common method to attach the closure to the fabric is by hand. If you will ever take a look at the industrial sewers then you can see how they attach buttons, snaps and eye buttons to the fabric by hand for the polished and pro results. In some of the cases when you have to deliver a lot in one go then you can sew the buttons and other closures by sewing machine.

If you are sewing closures to the shirt or at the back of the gown then I recommend using the hand sewing method as this is the most reliable and easiest method to apply. If you are not in hurry and you want to master in both methods, by hand, and by machine then keep indulge yourself in the constant practice. This will help you in moving forward in hand sewing method.

By Sewing Machine:

If you don’t know about this method then let us tell you how it works. It is possible to attach the buttons with the help of sewing machine. First, you need to remove the feed dog from the sewing machine to let the button and needle contact directly. You can also use some credit card or a piece of the hard box to block the feed dog. This is easy if you are willing to put efforts.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to adjust the settings of best-rated sewing machines for beginners at the time of attaching button. If you are trying it for the first time then keep trying and don’t give up. This method can be useful when you have to attach plenty of button on one project and you don’t have time for the hand sewing. The machine can definitely do this in a quick way.

You can visit for more information about the sewing machines and their advanced features.

Thread-Chain Eye:

A thread chain eye is one of the most recommended ways to apply on the delicate fabric as a closure. In some of the cases due to the delicate fabric and how it can’t tolerate the weight of the closure, you need to prepare the thread chain eye. This is something which you need too by hand because this is not possible to create the strong and reliable small loop on the delicate fabric by machine.

You can prepare the loop with the help of double thread or single thread, as you want it to be. You need to analyze the thread and make sure that how much pulling and pressure the garment is willing to take. Maintain the loop of the thread constantly and keep making the loop until you are all set to tie the knot in the end and the loop is strong enough to function as a closure in the fabric.

Metal Hooks:

The best way to stitch the metal hooks with the fabric is to use the zigzag stitches by hand. Metal hooks which are heavy and strong in attachment should be stitched with the knitted garment or heavy fabric. If you will attach metal hooks with the delicate fabric then somewhere from the middle, the closure is going to damage the whole appearance and your work will be ruined.

Use metal hook to hold finished edges together

To stitch this with the fabric, first, you need to lay the garment flat to check the position of the hooks. Start making the zigzag loop around the hook to secure it in the fabric. I usually keep the decorative strap on the metal closure to hide it. Sometimes to enhance the look of the fabric it’s essential to make sure that your closures are not revealing and are strong enough to bind the whole thing together.


Closures are the most important thing to add up in the dress and they should be strong and reliable as well. The number of tricks depends on the kind of closure you are choosing to apply on the dress. If you are an absolute beginner and looking for the sewing machine then read Quick Guide To What Is A Good Sewing Machine For Beginners And Novice Sewers for the ultimate guidance.

The above-mentioned ways will help you in mastering the trick as well as you can practice applying several closures on the dress by hand and by machine.


Apr 16, 2021
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