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Learn the Most Common Used Leather Types in Life 1. SOME TYPES OF LEATHER SKIN AND CHARACTERISTICS OF LEATHER SKIN SYNOPSIS 1. Some common types of leather and characteristics of Leather a. Leather Cow Leather Distinguish through price: Distinguish via softness: Distinguish through pore size: Therefore, I will summarize the following for you. Application: b. Goat Leather Advantages: Defect: Application: How to recognize True and False c. Sheepskin Leather Sheepskin has 2 types based on maturity level: Mature sheepskin: Lamb skin: Advantages: Defect: Application: How to recognize genuine and fake leather d. Crocodile Leather Belts Overview of Crocodile Characteristic of crocodile skin Advantages: Defect: How to recognize genuine and fake leather Distinguish through Prices Distinguish through the Leather Cut Distinguish through skin structure Application A. Cow Leather One of the most popular materials in the market today is created from cowhide technology from raw cowhide and is applied in many different types of products with many great advantages. High efficiency, easy to create products with a very long shelf life. However, cowhide is often confused with buffalo skins because these are two animals that are relatively similar in size and their size, so when shopping we need to be careful in choosing for ourselves. determine the desired material. To classify we will rely on the following characteristics: Distinguish through price: Normally, items made of buffalo leather will be about 20% - 30% cheaper depending on the area compared to products made from cow leather. However, it is also difficult to distinguish when relying on only one factor: price, when some profit shops can sell fake leather, poor quality, raise prices to profit from. customer. So we need to add a few more features to be able to better identify these two types of skin. Distinguish via softness: One of the most effective ways that women pass on when they buy goods, When touching items like leather wallets, leather belts made from cowhide will give us a better sense of softness and smoothness. Especially, clothes made from cowhide will be cool and comfortable. The buffalo skin will be more rough and dry. Indeed, this is entirely based on the characteristics of the two types of leather: Soft cowhide so elasticity will surpass rough and hard Buffalo skin. Despite being processed, customers when holding the product in their hands, if they are observant in the sense, it is easy to see that the cow leather will be softer and cooler (The nature is immutable). Distinguish through pore size: This is a distinction for those who are professional, observant in product evaluation visually requiring customers to have a keen eye - Cowhide pores are round, straight, not tight with each other and evenly distributed. - Buffalo buffalo skin has more pores, less holes, softer than cowhide, will not look smooth and beautiful. Cow skin will have 2 types: Waxed cowhide: smooth, smaller pores, but still has pores. Grain cowhide: clear pores, more grainy, clearer pores than fine cowhide, almost buffalo skin but not as big but pores and graininess of cowhide not as buffalo skin. This is one of the pretty careful notes for shoppers, need to combine all of the above to make no mistakes in the selection process. Therefore, I will summarize the following for you. Real cowhide is only smooth when it is waxed cowhide, but when looking closely on the surface of the skin, there will still be pores, Cow skin has bigger pores and it is quite clear that it is Grain Grain, these pores are close. as big as buffalo's skin, but still a bit smaller than Buffalo's pores. Buffalo skin often has large pores, where the pores are relatively unevenly distributed. Cowhide, meanwhile, is a skin with smaller pores and is evenly distributed, not close together like buffalo skin. Real cowhide will be smooth when it is waxed cowhide but look closely with pores, cowhide has bigger pores, it is clear that it is grainy cowhide, almost as big as buffalo skin, but still smaller than skin pores a little buffalo. Application: Cowhide is rarely used in the fashion of shirts, but is used more for processing bags, shoes, sandals, household furniture, cars. Cowhide is often used to make high-quality shoes, belts, wallets, briefcases, handbags, etc. Buffaloes are often used to make leather shoes, suitcases or bags. All products are made from buffalo / cowhide leather, but the prices are different due to the tanning process and the position of the leather on the hides, expensive products are usually taken from the back of the cow and are layer leather. first. You should remember one more thing that is, the same product is cowhide or buffalo leather, but the price is different due to the area of ​​leather used to produce differently. Expensive products are usually on the back, cheap on thin skin. These two types are often used to make shoes and sandals. B. GOAT LEATHER Nowadays, the trend of young people making handmade and producing leather products and accessories is increasingly diverse and popular, we can choose quite a lot of materials such as Cowhide, buffalo, sheepskin, faux leather, depending on the purpose, In general when thinking of handmade products Goat skin is preferred and more widely used than other types of leather. What is goat skin? It is a type of leather made from real goats, not doped or mixed with other impurities. Therefore, in Goat Leather technology, it is close to the high-class product line, second only to Sheep skin in terms of soft weight but Goat Skin is special thanks to the beauty exuded from very beautiful and fashionable leather veins. Characteristics: The skin surface is usually very soft, tight skin, with high durability. The skin has embossed and uneven layers, the outer surface of the skin is not glossy and slightly rough so it is often used to produce shoes, bags, gloves for women. Advantages: Durable, probably almost cow leather Stylish and noble leather striae Good heat holding capacity Leather is soft and lumpy, less shiny than cow and sheep skins Waterproof ability Defect: Goat skin will often be chosen as a product for women, because the material exudes a serious seriousness, so it is only suitable for some people. The price is quite high compared to similar products. Suitable for office workers and Handmade. Application: Making outerwear works well to keep warm due to small pores. Making bags for women due to the high waterproof properties, the line is extremely luxurious. Making accessories, Handmade fashion. How to recognize True and False Distinguishing Goat skin is not too complicated, we just need to pay attention to the following things, we can be assured to choose for ourselves genuine products, quality assurance. The simplest and quickest way to distinguish between real and fake goat skin is to observe and pay close attention to the surface of the skin. Genuine leather will have evenly arranged arc-shaped lines, on which there are 2 to 4 large pores, surrounded by small holes, while you will not find these features on fake leather. The surface of the real leather is also soft, looks smooth, tightly knit together, touch to feel flexible, not as hard as other types of leatherette. Should choose reputable stores or the guarantee from the inspection agencies. C. FISHED BY Sheepskin is a type of leather used in a lot of industries, especially fashion. Featuring softness, the tiny pores are oval or slightly flattened. They combine together in long lines or arrange in a group like scales, jagged, deep ragged water ripple form evenly distributed throughout the skin surface. So when touching the surface of the sheep skin feels soft and cool. Sheepskin has 2 types based on maturity level: Mature sheepskin: For mature sheep, after molting, the thickness of 0.9 mm - 1.1 mm, elastic and natural scent Sheep skin is slightly more attractive, should be used in leather coat fashion by steaming and release heat of good skin without causing heat or wrinkling. With this type of skin, the sun will be black, the skin surface has a slight purple-red color and when little water is absorbed, leaving a stain on the skin. Lamb skin: These are immature sheep, skins of 0.7 to 0.9 mm thick, with softer and thinner skins than adult sheep skins. Young sheep skin is usually more expensive than adult sheep skin because of its less elasticity than adult sheep skin. Young sheep skin will be more water-permeable and wrinkled much more than adult sheep skin. (ngocthangvl94) Therefore, depending on the product design needs, the designer can choose mature sheep to take advantage of the tough, elastic and more durable skin than the young sheep skin, with good thermal insulation capacity. asked by customers about the durability "Is Sheepskin durable"? Sheepskin is less durable than adult sheep, and both are less durable than Goat and of course both are inferior to buffalo and buffalo skins. However, do not worry too much about the process of using customers, just need to preserve well, preserve the real products of products from Sheep skin have a very long shelf life, and are also the Highly stylish design. And one more part, the price of lamb skin will be more expensive than that of mature sheep skin, because the soft and soft skin is not fully developed, so the ability to split the required quantity is very small. Advantages: Soft, smooth, light and porous Fashionable and classy surface is the most fashionable skin. Good heat holding capacity. Good waterproof ability. With outerwear products bring a sense of lightness, comfort, high water resistance. Defect: Due to the soft leather, durable goods will not be high compared to the rest. Easily scratched, more easily torn than goat skin Easy to wrinkle during use, Users need to take care of the remaining slightly. The price is high, especially the velvet line, which is quite limited in quantity. Application: Fashionable leather should make a great wallet. Making stylish jackets with good heat retaining capacity. Making gloves, leather boots insulated in the cold. How to recognize genuine and fake leather Similar to the above types of leather, we will rely on the texture characteristics of the leather to identify genuine leather The surface of pores is uneven, fake leather divides evenly. The smell of animal fat, fake leather will smell like leather and chemicals. Press lightly on the surface and release to see the skin slowly rising, the fake leather will float very quickly. Young sheep skin has a better elasticity than adult sheep. A characteristic characteristic of sheep skin identification is black when exposed to sunlight, on the surface of the sheepskin light purple-red color and when little water penetrates little, leaving a stain soaked by water permeability and steam steam of the skin. D. Crocodile Leather Among all kinds of leather materials, Crocodile skin is an extremely luxurious material and has a very high value in high-end product lines.This is also the leather that men prefer when choosing products. like: men's belts, men's purses with characteristic flake structure exuding strong masculinity. Personally, I also love crocodile leather products, so in this article I will present more details to help you understand more about this material. Overview of Crocodile Crocodiles are large reptiles that prefer the water, they live on a very large area throughout the world, are omnivores that eat other animals like fish, mammals and reptile types. This is also an extremely dangerous animal for humans, is classified as annual hazards in countries with large numbers of crocodiles growing. This is also an animal present for a long time on the globe so from ancient times, the ancestors of mankind used very soon the jewelry, items, accessories made from crocodile leather. Characteristic of crocodile skin The texture of crocodile leather is very special, the pattern is very beautiful, depending on the time of growth will produce different patterns and papillae. At the longer farming period of 3-5 years, the veins and thorns are fully developed when touched very firmly, bringing very high artistic value and crafting value. Rated as the most valuable leather material and found in the fashion lines of most leading brand products such as Vuitton, Versace and Burberry. Advantages: Rated as the top name when it comes to high-end product lines. Thin, high air permeability, non-static, good insulation with a tough crust but very tough and not easily affected by the environment, thus its durability is very long. The skin has a good elasticity, elasticity, high elasticity, the surface of the skin does not crack when it is bent The pattern of leather is almost absolute for each of the different animals (hunchback skin - back skin - belly skin), so because of the different textures when designed by the product manufacturers will create masterpieces unique with very high value (The mechanic will often overlook any part of a crocodile skin, all will be used to make fashion products that bring the typical wild feeling of this animal). Defect: With so many outstanding advantages compared to other leather lines, Therefore, the cost of tanning or finished products when sold on the market are very high prices. Very easy to be counterfeited, fake, poor quality goods. How to recognize genuine and fake leather Nowadays, the use of crocodile leather products seems to become popular everywhere, so there have been many cases of for-profit manufacturers creating poor-quality, fake products. sold chaos all over the market, making consumers extremely confused in choosing a genuine product. Naturally, when I spend some hard work, everyone hopes that I will hold a good quality product in my hand, Hahaa !! Just like you, so below I will give you some methods for us to distinguish real fake offline. Distinguish through Prices This is the most obvious way to detect fake and real products. On the market, all kinds of products made from crocodile skin will have a high value, depending on the region, brand of manufacturer and manufacturer. supplying products to you, the price of leather may vary from 800,000 to 1,500,000 VND. Therefore, anyone who tells you that here we offer 100% crocodile skin products at super cheap prices only from 300,000 VND, at such a price you are likely to encounter a fake seller. Although grandparents often say, "You get what you pay for" but an honest advice from me, if you like a crocodile skin product, we should try harder to buy real products because of the value , durability, and design overview are the key to determining why the brand and the material are so expensive and chosen by consumers. Should not because of cheap ham and choose a product of poor quality to use (That said, but I am ham, it is hard to resist, try to find the dentistry of you guys !!!). Distinguish through the Leather Cut As mentioned above, we can distinguish through cut skin: Back surgery and Abdominal surgery. Each one will have some unique characteristics as follows: + Crocodile back: very rough skin, thick and rugged texture, the back skin is ideal to create products that emphasize the wild appearance, have Very durable surface texture, Such a skin will last for a long time for many years, + Crocodile belly: skin texture is relatively thin, smooth surface, flat scales create a good grip feeling than when touched. This is often a good choice for personal accessories such as Bags, Wallets of famous fashion brands such as Hermes, Gucci. In the Vietnamese market, I see that our people tend to choose products made from crocodile's back because of the rugged scales, which bring more wildness and masculine appearance for men. Crocodile skin is largely classified based on the location and size of defects on the skin. For example, in the belly skin, with type 1 skin, there are virtually no defects on this piece of skin and the preferred male position is the white skin; In the back skin, skin type 1 in the dorsal spine extends from the hump to the tail, scales are uniform, without scarring Distinguish through skin structure This is an element that we can recognize with our eyes, I think people just need to pay more attention to be able to detect it. Overall, real crocodile skin has soft joints, but the scales are hard. With all kinds of products made from genuine leather in general, the more often and longer the use, the softer the product becomes, the more natural it feels when purchased. The gloss of real leather can be blurred or shiny naturally, Faux leather will be as glossy as plastic injection. So when bringing the two out, fake leather tends to be a lot more glossy but looking at the light will look more fake than real leather. The real crocodile skin pattern is characterized by no overlapping, uneven patterns because each one has a different structure (As mentioned above, because the pattern structure is independent of the different products. Create each has a very own beauty). Among the crocodile prints is a soft and flexible pattern, almost like the hand line of a person. Every skin surface shows this softness between the fringes and the feeling there is no certain rule. Imitation alligator leather is molded from machines to produce coarse, rigid and shallow artificial vein lines. Observe closely the surface of real crocodile skin will have small pores, rough and have a better elasticity, whereas fake leather looks very smooth, shiny, hard skin. Through this, you have a certain knowledge about crocodile skin, one more note we should still choose reputable product distributors so that you don't have to buy the wrong one. . Application Crocodile skin is used in a variety of applications including handbags, belts, wallets, apparel, car covers and furniture to create luxurious designs with feng shui strength and durability. Crocodile skin can be attached to many different colors. Each design for each product model has its own characteristics, crocodile skin helps the product become more classy and luxurious than other leather models. At this point, I am sure you can answer the question "What is leather", right, There are still some other types of leather, However, I only introduce 4 popular types of leather and how to receive them. Knowing real leather is of special interest to people. If asked https://thuybich.com/cac-loai-da-thuoc-co-ban/ What is the most durable skin” in terms of the 4 above categories, it will be classified as follows: Crocodile leather> Cow leather> Buffalo leather> Goat skin> Sheep skin. In addition, we also have some other types of leather such as: Pigskin, Mink, Tiger …… However, these types are often not paid attention, maybe in the next articles, I will try to clarify. The concepts are outlined in the article and share more of the specific knowledge I have collected to help you identify real skin types.


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