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Market News and World Report August 10 2020 Brittany Reed This guy had horrible Covid response policies leading to the greatest state deaths yet he is praised and honored by the liberal propaganda media. Terribly sad how President Trump is treated. I mean don’t get me wrong kids should be back in schools. Just the double standard is ridiculous. There is a huge difference between being “authorized” and being ‘directed’ to open. Steve Holland Death - Dead :Steve Holland Obituary : Molly Hatchet co-founder and guitarist dies. can bet the Teachers Union will ignore his authorization; especially since they exclude themselves from being considered “essential workers” so easily!!. Joe Lyons Death - Dead - Obituary : Producer Joe of Capital fm has died. https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/2983457225068147 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3124923904254811 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3381802338566965 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3391603150920217 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3400033386743860 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3405936099486922 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3416501668430365 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3424500264297172 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3676578135756049 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3680271268720069 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3682518085162054 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3682835301796999 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3692535744160288 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3693283467418849 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3709011899179339 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3730956273651568 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3744753972271798 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3788022074611654 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3788042964609565 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3803309019749626 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3813758745371320 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3822111457869382 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3822256684521526 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3836969626383565 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3855258894554638 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3855281571219037 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3856281797785681 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3859060754174452 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3867798119967382 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3873454996068361 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3873516782728849 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3878370388910155 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3878684015545459 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3879284808818713 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3879301908817003 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3879343188812875 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3881693801911147 https://www.facebook.com/recentcelebritiesdeaths/posts/3881870578560136 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Dr Morris Cerullo  1931-2020 Naya Rivera Update : Missing Glee Actress Found Dead in Lake Piru. Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne Dating : Seen Together at LA BLM Protest Nicki Minaj Pregnant : See Who is The father of Nicki Minaj Baby Houston Chinese Consulate Fire : Documents Burned Inside Consulate General Daisha Riley Death – Obituary : Good Morning America Producer Dies Grant Solomon, 18 Year-old Killed in Tennessee Truck Accident. Annie Ross Death - Last Surviving Member of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Dies at 89. Tsunami Warning Today : 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Struck off Coast of Alaska. Update : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Rep Yoho’s Verbal Attack Harry Styles Thank Fans on One Direction 10 Years Anniversary Cpl Joseph Pavlik Death : Justice Police Department Officer Passed Away. Brittany Sharp Death, Obituary : Tribute by Dr. Pimple Popper . Chicago Weatherman Jerry Taft Death : ABC7 Meteorologist Dies at 77. Federal Agents And Protesters Continued to Clash in Portland Regis Philbin Death : Beloved Televison Host Dies at 88. Lady Red Couture Death : Drag Queen and Host of Yutube Hey Qween at 43 . 2020 2nd Stimulus Check Update : Second Stimulus Payment Confirmed. Portland Protests Update : Professor Maureen Healy shot In the head by fed agents. Morgan Mccaffrey , Philladephia Nazareth Academy Graduate Stabbed to Death. Megan Thee Stallion Breaks Silence After Shooting Incident with Tory Lanez Google Lawsuit Email : Google Plus Data Litigation is not a Scam. Salome Bey Death - Dead : Salome Bey Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown. Sheena Yarbrough Powell Death - Dead : Sheena Yarbrough Powell Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown. Dr. Tom Gutteridge Death - Dead : Tom Gutteridge Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Tyler Craig Death - Dead :  Tyler Craig Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown India Cooper Death - Dead :  India Cooper Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Frank Toney Death - Dead - Obituary : General Frank J. Toney Has Died at age 70. WUFB. Sean Ross Death - Dead :Sean Ross Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown. Steve Holland Death - Dead :Steve Holland Obituary : Molly Hatchet co-founder and guitarist dies. Adam Comrie Death - Dead :  Obituary : Former Saginaw Spirit and Guelph Storm player Dies, Cause of Death Unknown Bobby Gantt Death - Dead :  Bobby Gantt Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Judge Stephen Williams Death - Dead - Obituary : DC Circuit Judge Dies from Coronavirus. Adam Comrie Death - Dead :  Obituary : Former Saginaw Spirit and Guelph Storm player Dies, Cause of Death Unknown Tanner Schultz Death - Dead :  Tanner Schultz Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Jerry Garcia Death : Remembering Jerry Garcia, 25 Years Since His Demise. Biz Markie Death- Obituary News is Fake, Rapper Biz Markie is Not Dead. Martin Birch Death - Dead - Obituary : Legendary British Producer Dies at 71. Avery Johnson Death - Dead :  Avery Johnson Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Jack Veneno Death is Hoax : He has Diabetes but not Dead. Ed Rohr Death - Dead :  Ed Rohr Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Kamala Wrestler Death - Dead :  Obituary : WWE James Harris a.k.a Kamala The Ugandan Giant Dies at 70. Blair Johnston Death - Dead :  Blair Johnston Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Bobby Gantt Death - Dead :  Bobby Gantt Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Judge Stephen Williams Death - Dead - Obituary : DC Circuit Judge Dies from Coronavirus. Singer Cady Groves Cause of Death is chronic alcohol abuse. Cameron Addy Death - Dead :  Cameron Addy Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown. Gary Livingston Death - Dead :  Gary Livingston Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Frances Allen Death - Dead : Frances Allen Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown. Helen Jones Woods Death - Dead : Helen Woods Obituary : Female Trombonist, Has Died From COVID-19 Kathy Scruggs Death-Dead  / Obituary : Kathy Scruggs may have passed away. Fivio Foreign Death is Hoax: Rapper Fivio Foreign Was Shot in Atlanta but not Dead. James Mahoney Death - Dead :  Obituary : Bank of America Executive Dies from Coronavirus. Richard Jewell Death, Cause of Death, Life and Story on HBO MAX. Pamala Burke Death - Dead :  Pamala Burke Mcdavid Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Kathy Scruggs Death-Dead  / Obituary : Kathy Scruggs may have passed away. Fivio Foreign Death is Hoax: Rapper Fivio Foreign Was Shot in Atlanta but not Dead. James Mahoney Death - Dead :  Obituary : Bank of America Executive Dies from Coronavirus. Richard Jewell Death, Cause of Death, Life and Story on HBO MAX. Pamala Burke Death - Dead :  Pamala Burke Mcdavid Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown Joe Lyons Death - Dead - Obituary : Producer Joe of Capital fm has died. He wants people to come back to his state! Too little too late! Those with half the brain will stay away! He is a failure and so is the NYC mayor, both should be taken to civil court and face consequences of their failed leadership! Pre Covid....our children have attended school through SARS, ZIKA, EBOLA, MRSA and H1N1. They've also attended with other children that have not been vaccinated yet somehow survived along with their teachers. It's time for teachers to go back to work and for children to get back to some normalcy. Watch, finally the rest of the country schools will open cause he said so and everyone was following him even though they weren't in NY. Wonder if teachers will attack him so badly like they have parents who have been saying this all along to get our kids back in schools to get the best education they need. He is finally making his first wise decision. Then the school districts will decide, what is right for their area. Options...either homeschooling...or your children go to school. My grandchildren are going to school in WNY. We know a plan is in place. Safe. The choice is yours....I am sure the schools will work a plan out with the parents. Let's get back to normal. Move forward is what we all need to do. The death of the schools is usually the death of a city. Without schools, there is no reason for families with young children to move there. Open up the country. The virus is not going anywhere. If you do not want to get the virus, self isolate. Target didn't shut down and all of their employees are still working. Lowes didn't shut down, liquor stores, pot stores, etc.. I was able to go to the dentist for an emergency and sit in the chair for over an hour, but couldn't get my teeth cleaned in the same time frame. The rules are random and they are being imposed by the governors and mayors of the states/cities. So I guess when he was calling all his rich friends because that’s really who he serves they gave him an earful about the schools. I liked how he said come back I will take you out to dinner I will take you out for a drink. Then he realized he just got caught saying he goes out to dinners (inside for sure) where others can’t go so he quickly through in I will cook for you???? Yeah right. BUSTED!!!!!!!! And he bashes Mr. Trump on the public podium. Have you noticed all haters of Mr. Trump make themselves think that they thought of it first? They clamor about how bad Mr. Trump is and echo what he says!? As the insanity continues. If I had a child going to a school in your state I would be more worried & concerned about sending my child out into such a hostile environment there instead of the COVID virus. For once this man begins to see sense and follow factual statistics. If done correctly, with the right cautionary steps, reopening the schools will be a supporting factor in his continued sustainment. Without police and security if I was a parent having my kids go there. I would not fear COVID but the violence in schools. Good!!! They are suppose to be in school ! The whole nation of students need to be back in school‼️ BuT DeSaNtIs Is A MoNsTeR.................... This country needs to quit acting like people are so much better than each other, humble themselves before the lord, and keep moving forward!!!! FINALLY a correct decision by Cuomo! Give credit where credit is due. GOOD JOB GOVERNOR! New York is opening schools! What is wrong with Washington state? Oh yeah we have gov. Inslee, the follower who wants to follow the Democrats down in flames. Cuomo is the definition of true leadership. Even after the tough times NY went through in the early stages of Covid19, Trump and his minions still learned nothing from the NY/NJ experience. Trump still ended up bungling the National response. The idiot governors of Florida, Arizona and Texas did awful. He is doing this so if any kids or teachers get sick in the next month, he can blame Trump. Schools need to ALL reopen along with ALL businesses. Get people back to work Very good but the New York mayor doesn't agree with you and in fact he is going to check all those children and their chauffeurs on the check points and fine them for not wearing underwear. What is he doing the governor to recompense all those who lost… See More Well that’s one thing that I’ve agreed with him on. This virus ain’t going away, and it’s been made clear by pediatricians that kids are better off attending school in person


Jan 20, 2019
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