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Another round A fantastic film that lets you look at complex and sad topics without unnecessary tragedy (and this may cause the conversation involving the viewer as well as the film a great deal of easier), assisting you to live the drama through the prism of a joke. This film can be quite funny in places (which will probably be worth the inserts with drinking politicians), in places extremely sad, nevertheless it practically will not leave the viewer indifferent for nearly a moment; It's breathtaking to swing on this emotional swing. We watched Druk new movie on https://voticle.com/a/articles/106177/lord-of-dreams-the-brotherhood-in-the-dream free online without registration. Almost any review of this film begins while using words "it is a story four friends who be teachers in the school." I won't retell what everyone could read a thousand times themselves while in the description with the film, I'll only say that your is often a story about all friends, all of them is a full-fledged and interesting character, along with the merit on this, of course, isn't only the scriptwriter, but the brilliant work on the actors (although, needless to say, more attention is paid to your drama in the hero Mads Mikkelsen; he got, it appears, the trickiest hero, whoever character and behavior it can be immensely exciting to understand). It appears that a person's eye to alcohol problems within this film is sort of exaggerated. This is definitely a film about stagnation in life (which is simply masterfully depicted at the beginning of the film, so that some viewers even found this perhaps the picture somewhat boring) and overcoming it, going back to oneself young, energetic, bright and cheerful. This theme (the theme of'youth') is set by the primary shots - shots of the rampant alcoholic race, which Thomas Winterberg remarkably connects with the main plot on the film. In certain strange way, having access to youth and the sensation of youth in this particular film lies precisely through alcohol: the better teachers drink, better they understand their students, the greater interesting and alive they see them, the more they themselves become alive. This is probably partly because of the director's Danish ability to tolerate alcohol and its particular consumption (in moderation). Obviously, this is certainly, in principle, not the best way to give colors to life, but to self-confidence, but the most accessible method for our heroes. This'youthfulness'is likewise held by the soundtrack (the music within this film is usually a separate topic of conversation, it is extraordinary, appropriate to all scenes, often has a special meaning and variety: we will hear both a capella performance and contemporary pop music). It's fascinating how modern music a 50-year-old director can use in his film for the minute. He is just for a passing fancy wavelength with the younger generation (and this applies not just to music, but and to portraying young people with minimal judgment, and also the wonderful acting of young actors). I came across the pathos of rebirth in this film insanely attractive. Select coincidence the fact that film ends by using a graduation - this can be both inception and also the end: no more school life, the starting of a brand new, adult life. And it also is definitely a holiday! And this also bitterly festive mood just shows through during the last scenes (and the final scene in the film is simply impeccable; Mikkelsen dancing to a youth song leaves an in-depth impression, as well as ending itself is great), this difficult film definitely ends using a life-affirming note. The youth with the soul has returned - you may live on.


May 09, 2019
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