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Kimberly Keller
| Senior Content Manager

Kimberly Keller is the senior content manager for Weddingbee. Starting out as an assistant director for short films and music videos, her passion for writing and website coding lead her to focus on a career in online media. Her work has received awards from USC, CSUN, and A’Design Awards and has led her to work abroad in Italy. Kimberly has worked on both sides of the web publishing world throughout her professional life, from building websites to writing and editing. Through her work on Internet Brands’ websites, she focuses on creating a user experience that brings carefully researched articles on wedding planning, style trends, relationship advice, and budget information to couples across the globe.

While not married yet, Kimberly loves helping brides and grooms plan out their perfect wedding. Having attended numerous weddings over the years, she still feels like it never gets old. Each wedding is a wonderful reflection of each couple’s personality and love for each other.

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys travelling, volunteering with local animal rescues and Habitat for Humanity, and working on various DIY projects. While not yet married, she’d love to honeymoon someplace with a storied history to explore such as Egypt, Peru, or Cambodia.

Angela Sabrowsky
| Junior Content Manager

Angela Sabrowsky is a junior content manager for Weddingbee, having previously edited the sister-site for 5+ years (while she grew up with a DIY dad and grandpa who can build houses from the ground up, she much prefers the lighter pursuit of planning weddings). She got her start in the publication industry working on her high school newspaper in Redondo Beach, California, where she spent deadline nights designing page layouts and editing news stories. Following that initial exposure into journalism, she became the managing editor at her award-winning community college newspaper. It was there she met her husband, who beat her in a popularity contest to become editor-in-chief (she may still be bitter about that).

Based in Los Angeles, Angela enjoys spending time on the West Coast with her family, whether it’s camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or crabbing in Washington’s Puget Sound on the 4th of July (an annual tradition for the past 20 years). She also loves vintage furniture and is always scouring estate sales for her next great find.

Angela and her husband got married seven years ago, when “Pinterest weddings” were on the cusp of their popularity. She still has all those Pinterest boards saved with her wedding planning details (some still cute, some, not so much). With the help of her parents, she was able to pull off a backyard reception with 100 guests (she’s still not sure where everyone parked). They honeymooned on a cruise from Catalina Island, California, to Mexico. As a Southern California native, it was the first time she’d been to either locale.

Robert Ricasa
| Product Manager

Robert Ricasa is the product manager for Weddingbee and is dedicated to launching meaningful product experiences. He has a true passion for organization and planning, which has led him to the world of product management, finding satisfaction in the product life-cycle. His professional experience includes 5 years as a product manager and more than 7 years in project management. Much like a wedding (which he also planned his own) his work involves planning in every phase from ideation, to prioritization, to execution, and even monitoring. Robert stays involved every step of the way, while making sure to remain organized and efficient.

Robert was born and raised in Los Angeles, and has been married since 2012. His and his wife’s wedding goal was to plan a small destination to the Big Island of Hawaii. That small wedding turned out to be over 50 friends and family who were all willing to make the trip from all over the world to attend their wedding (and also an excuse to take a Hawaiian vacation). While most people find planning their wedding to be stressful, he and his wife took the opportunity to plan something together, but also enjoy it at the same time. It was all worth it when they said their vows during sunset on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Marc Catalan
| Assoc. Project Manager

Marc Catalan is the associate project manager for Weddingbee. He graduated from California State University of Northridge with a bachelor of science in computer science. Marc frequently led teams throughout his school career as the project manager during group works, allocating responsibilities and assuring deadlines were met. Trained as a developer, Marc understands the technical aspects of site building and maintenance. As a manager, Marc employs a people-first strategy—extending empathy towards both his team and site users when planning out goals. Marc favors solving issues from the source rather than quick fixes and uses his colorful history to approach problems from varying perspectives.

When it comes to weddings, Marc prefers a small ceremony of intimate friends and family compared to an overly extravagant wedding with everybody’s somebody. Instead, he believes the money is better spent on his wife-to-be’s future or preferred lifestyle while also reducing the stress of wedding plans (on the other hand, Marc has expressed great desires for an open boba, drink, and dessert bar). Embodying the philosophies of “the bride gets what the bride wants” and “happy wife, happy life”, Marc’s ideal honeymoon is whatever his future wife desires. Her job is to dream and his is to help her make it happen.

Gaurav Kumar
| Senior Web Developer

Gaurav Kumar is a full-stack senior web developer at Internet Brands, leading the development of Weddingbee on WordPress, including user-friendly interface and a content delivery pipeline. He’s developed a location-based dating mobile app and worked with the number-one social casino game, Bingo Blitz. Gaurav helps IT companies to develop mobile apps, web-based technologies, and content management systems. He enjoys playing soccer, trying new sports, and would like to honeymoon in the Maldives.

Jason Pelmont
| Videographer

Jason Pelmont is a videographer and video editor for Weddingbee. He’s a sucker for a big theme wedding with all the bells and whistles, but he’s equally likely to cry at a small, intimate affair and won’t pass up an opportunity to throw rice at people in love. He is ordained and has acted as a wedding officiant in his personal life and has been a wedding videographer in his professional life. He has also been an amateur jewelry maker and enjoys admiring the craftsmanship in simple, elegant wedding rings.

Jason holds a bachelor of arts in cinema and television arts from California State University, Northridge. His filmmaking career has included credits as an assistant director on over a dozen feature films as well as writing and directing independent shorts for film festivals. He has won awards for screenwriting and editing and has worked in fields spanning every aspect of film and video from commercials and documentaries to television. He has worked in the studio television system on programs for the Disney Channel in addition to reality and documentary programming for the E! Network and A&E.

Jason is happily married to his work, but is still saving the cake and the DJ for someone he can put a ring on. His ideal honeymoon destination is Naples, Italy because of the romantic atmosphere, picturesque shore, and the pizza.

Tyson Yen
| Community Manager

Tyson Yen joined Internet Brands in 2012 as a community specialist for the company’s travel and leisure division. In 2018, he began work as a community manager for the home vertical and now uses his many years of experience with online communities to support the Weddingbee audience. In 2005, Tyson married his wife on scenic Bellows Beach on the windward side of Oahu. They had a small wedding with family and friends and exchanged vows on the shoreline in almost perfect weather. After a festive reception at the Hawaiian Polynesian Center, they honeymooned in Maui where they spent a week driving all over the island and cliff diving, surfing, hiking, and eating food from almost every local vendor they came across. His favorite moment was at the end of the road to Hana, where they took a wrong turn and ended up on the barren side of the island. As they slowly drove through the rocky landscape, they found themselves surrounded on both sides by many cows and other livestock. They both laughed as it seemed they instantly stumbled into another world!

Tyson lives in Los Angeles with my wife and two children. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and composing music.

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