10 Beautiful Winter Wedding Details

A bride and groom standing next to a river in winter.

Winter is a beautiful season with so many things to love about it, and your winter wedding can easily incorporate touches of the season to make it even more of a wonderland. There are so many details that can be easily weaved into a winter wedding to really bring your event to the next level and to make it feel festive.

1. Winter Color Scheme

Deep jewel tones complemented with metallics make for a beautiful winter color palette for your wedding. Emerald green, deep maroon, or a sapphire blue paired with a tinsel-like gold are gorgeous and striking colors. These can be incorporated via bridesmaid dresses, table linens, flowers, or even through the apparel of the groom.

2. Seasonal Food and Beverages

In order to keep the season at the forefront of your guests’ mind, try incorporating it into the food and beverages you serve. You can easily do this through a hearty soup as one of your dinner courses or by adding wintry options to the dessert table. Try adding a hot cocoa bar for something out of the box, which would also be a beautiful statement piece at your reception. (It could also be fun to have bride and groom gingerbread men as an adorable part of your last course!)

3. Winter Fabrics

A bride wearing a fur jacket over her dress in the snow.

Fabrics that go well with winter are another detail to really enhance your event. Tweed, velvet, faux fur, or a tartan flannel will immediately make your wedding more seasonal.

4. Twinkle Lights

There’s nothing quite as winter-esque and festive as beautiful twinkle lights. These are the perfect way to make your event more seasonal while easily transforming it into a romantic winter wonderland. A beautiful touch is to use these at your ceremony.

5. Florals

A bride holding a bouquet of winter florals.

Incorporating more traditional winter flowers into your wedding floral arrangements, bouquets, and even boutonnieres is a great touch. For instance, have the groom wear a boutonniere adorned with a pinecone and pine springs rather than a traditional flower. For your centerpieces and bouquets, opt for deep red roses, white flowers, and lush greenery.

6. Festive Garland

Use festive garland throughout your wedding as decor. This can be simply greenery with twinkle lights weaved in or a garland made out of pinecones. If you’re looking for something glam, a fun DIY project would be to make glitter-dipped pinecones to add to a garland.

7. Silver Bells

Bells are definitely a symbol of the holiday and winter season, and they’re also a well known wedding symbol. You can use that similarity to bring winter vibes to your wedding. Have a “wedding bells are ringing” theme and use them as a part of your escort cards, in garlands, or even having some tied onto the bridal party bouquets.

8. Add in Some Fur

A bride wearing a birdcage veil and shawl, hugging the groom.

If you’re getting married in the winter, chances are it’ll be chilly on your big day. To keep yourself warm, especially if you’re taking any outdoor pictures, consider adding a fur to your look. This will create a chic look that is totally seasonal.

9. Add Wreaths

Wreaths are another symbol of winter, so incorporate them into your wedding as a special touch. These can act as decor within your reception, for the ceremony, or they can even be a unique replacement of bouquets for your bridesmaids, which will make for beautiful photos.

10. Cozy Touches

There are a few ways you can add cozy touches to your wedding, which are a perfect winter addition. One way of doing this is to use chunky knitted throw blankets tied onto your reception chairs with velvet ribbon for a rustic look. These don’t have to be on every chair, but could be on the bride and groom chairs as something special. Another cozy touch would be to have a bonfire going in any outdoor reception or cocktail hour space, and you can easily add throw blankets around the space for guests to use to keep warm.

Throwing the perfect festive winter wedding is easy with these beautiful details that will make all the difference in your big day.

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