10 Fun Bachelorette Party Themes

A sign that says "she said yeeees," surrounded by confetti.

Throwing a bachelorette party is a fun way to commemorate a special time for a bride-to-be. While these events used to be a single fun-filled evening, they have evolved in recent years to encompass full weekends, plane rides, and exotic locations in many instances. No matter the length and location, though, having a fun theme for the party is a great way to give it some extra flair and to get the bride-to-be and guests extra excited for the event. Below are some fresh and fun bachelorette party theme ideas that any soon-to-be Mrs. is sure to love!

1. Tie Dye Party

A tie dye party is very on-trend, especially for a summer bachelorette party! On the first night, have guests bring along items that they wish to dye. Set up all the materials wherever most convenient, set up some food and drinks, and allow everyone to dye as many products as their hearts desire. Then, by the end of the weekend, everyone will have their own new tie dyed apparel as a fun, homemade souvenir.

2. Murder Mystery

For a bride who loves a little mystery, this is the perfect theme. Keep the group guessing throughout the entirety of the night and see who can be the first to crack the case. This is sure to be a memory that the bride and her tribe will never forget.

3. Final Fiesta

A tray of tequila shots surrounded by cactus.

A bachelorette party is the perfect way to celebrate a bride’s “final fiesta” before she ties the knot. Wear sombreros, eat tacos, drink margaritas, and use brightly colored decorations to facilitate this fun theme.

4. Getting Meowied

If the bride-to-be is a cat lover, incorporate that into your theme. Decorate with cat-themed items and ask all the party attendees to wear cat ears for a photo-op—or even to go out in!

5. Astrology Party

If the bride-to-be is major into her astrological sign and what the universe is telling her, this could be the perfect party idea. You can even have a real-life astrologer come to the party to read everyone’s chart. The decor should be easy for this party, centering around the sun, moon, and different astrological symbols.

6. Slumber Party

A group of women wearing pajamas at a slumber bachelorette party.

Treat this bachelorette party like a throwback and make it into a grown-up slumber party. Have everyone wear their coziest pajamas, pop popcorn, eat candy, and set up an ice cream sundae bar. Get a bunch of sleeping bags so everyone can sleep in the same room, as if you’re all kids again. Not only is this a fun way to celebrate a bride-to-be, but it’s sure to inspire some nostalgia.

7. Cabin Fever

A trio of young women sitting outside a tent surrounded by trees.

For this idea, everyone heads to a woodsy cabin (or tent!) to celebrate the bride-to-be and her upcoming walk down the aisle! Refer to this as the “flannel fling before the ring” and have everyone bring their favorite flannels to wear during the trip. Go on outdoor adventures, gather around the fire and chat, and enjoy the simple things at this party.

8. Something Blue

For a play on the “something old, something new, something borrowed, “something blue” tradition that brides follow on their wedding day, consider a “something blue” themed shower. Ask all the attendees to dress in blue while the bride wears white. You can also highlight the theme with blue decor. Finally, have all the attendees bring the bride some blue lingerie to further celebrate the theme.

9. Around the World

For a well-traveled bride, an “around the world” bachelorette party is a dream. Set up stations that feature different countries in decoration, drinks, music, and food. By the end of the event, everyone will feel like they traveled the world without even leaving the house.

10. Parisian Party

A group of women holding champagne glasses.

Party like the French do! Bring the magic of Paris to the bachelorette party by drinking delicious wine paired with croissants and cheese. Eat macaroons and toast with the best French champagne. You’ll be in for a fun night and you’ll feel completely transported.

These are just some of the many possible bachelorette themes. Every bride has a different personality and interests, so that should be taken into account when planning this special event as she celebrates her impending walk down the aisle.

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