10 Spring Wedding Venues

A bride and groom holding hands in front of an ivy-covered building.

What’s more romantic than a spring wedding? It’s the season of growth, sunshine, and new beginnings. It’s not too cold, and it’s not too hot. And let’s not forget there’s all the beautiful springtime flowers to admire and include in your gorgeous nuptials. So, now the question remains: where will you hold your beautiful spring wedding? There are a number of wonderful venues to choose from that can suit any style, theme, and budget. Below are some of our favorite picks for the most perfect spring wedding venue.

1. A Picturesque Winery

A winery is a stunning location to hold a spring wedding. First, there’s the breathtaking scenery that will provide the best backdrop for photos. Then there’s the fact that most wineries provide lovely dining rooms for your reception. And, of course, there’s the selection of fine wine. Oh, and did we mention, wine?

2. An Elegant Golf Course

A bride and groom on a golf course with a blue sky and clouds above them.

Athletic couples who love the outdoors might want to consider hosting their wedding at a golf course. With beautiful backdrops for the most stunning photos and stylish banquet halls for your reception, a golf course can offer an elegant yet modern location for your big day.

3. A Historic Cemetery

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: a cemetery? But some of the country’s most beautiful cemeteries are steeped in history, rich landscapes, and timeless architecture, which can provide the perfect locale for a traditional wedding with moody motifs.

4. A Rustic Farmhouse

A bride standing in front of a rustic farmhouse in spring.

What’s more spring-like than a chic rustic farm filled with growing crops and adorable animals? Not only are the farm grounds a perfect spot to snap photos and pitch a wedding tent, but there will be enough space for guests to engage in outdoor activities.

5. A Luxe Spa Resort

A spa resort offers a number of amenities in addition to gorgeous landscapes that are perfectly ‘gramworthy. Most resorts offer options of ballrooms or dining rooms for the reception, and who wouldn’t want to indulge in a swim or massage before and/or after the big day?

6. A Chic Conservatory

A bride and groom wearing leather jackets and kissing in a botanical garden.

If you’re seeking a tropical oasis for your big day but you’re not into having a destination wedding, then you might want to consider hosting your wedding at an indoor conservatory. Tons of beautiful plants will provide the most exotic backdrop and the indoor option will help you skip those famous springtime thunderstorms.

7. A Pretty Plantation

If your Pinterest board is filled with elegant, traditional, and classic Southern wedding details, then you’ll want to consider hosting your special day at a historical plantation. With rich architecture, gorgeous greenery, sophisticated decor, and stunning views, you’ll be thrilled with this opulent option.

8. A Stunning Public Park

A bride and groom in a park with the bride's veil blowing in the wind.

Sometimes the most simple ideas are the most stunning. If you’re a couple who digs picnics and Frisbee, then a local public park is the perfect spot for hopeless romantics who want a minimal wedding with an organic feel. With access to bathrooms, picnic tables, and BBQS — not to mention plenty of play area — the park could be the venue of your dreams.

9. A Gorgeous Community Garden

If you’re seeking something less exotic than a botanical garden, you might consider hosting your celebration at a local community garden for a simpler spin on Mother Nature. With views of trees, vegetables, and native grasses and wildflowers, this is the ideal spot for a boho wedding that’s less chic and more casual.

10. A Stunning Botanical Garden

A bride and groom in a botanical garden with green leafed plants.

For a day of both natural beauty and luxury, you might want to choose to celebrate your big day at a local botanical garden. The dreamy scenery of lush florals, plants, and trees is the ideal setting for spring, especially if you’re thinking of a bohemian, earthy theme for your big day.

Spring is the perfect time for romance and love, which is why selecting your wedding venue is such an important choice. Considering the options above, you’ll be able to create the spring wedding of your dreams.

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