10 Things to Do for Cool Wedding Photos

A bride and groom looking at each other with graffiti in the background.

A wedding may only last a day (or a few, if you’re lucky) but photos are forever. And, of course, all couples want unique and memorable shots of their special day to reminisce upon. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional shots (in fact, they’re an absolute must) it’s always nice to have something cool and unusual to capture the memories. Need some ideas? Here are several suggestions to give to your photographer that will assure your wedding album will be one worthy of flipping through and sharing for years to come.

1. Candid Camera

The first and most important rule of capturing the essence of your special day is to remember to relax and let go. Forget the camera is there and let the photographer work his or her magic. Trust us—some of the best photos come from when you’re caught off guard. And don’t worry if they catch you at a bad time. If you don’t like the picture, you don’t have to include it in the final album!

2. Birds-Eye View

An aerial view of a bride and groom on a boat in the ocean.

Unexpected angles often yield some stunning shots. One such angle is directly from the top. And it’s extremely flattering if you’re wearing a dress with a long train or a cathedral veil. For example, if your venue has a spiral staircase, have the photographer catch you walking down it from a floor or two above. Or, even better, use a drone to get some dramatic pictures of both your guests and the venue.

3. Love Through Generations

Take a couples photo with your parents and your grandparents. This is both a timeless shot and a reminder that love is eternal. Similarly, consider replicating some of the best shots from your parents’ photo albums and posting them side-by-side in your album.

4. Behind the Scenes

A bride getting her dress and veil adjusted by her  bridesmaid and mother.

Invite the photographer into both the bride’s and groom’s private quarters. Emotions are high in anticipation of the big moment, so they’re bound to capture some fun shots. Suggest that the photographer acts almost like a paparazzi; a few appropriately voyeuristic pics add some fun to the wedding album.

5. First Look

Another key emotional moment is right before the bride walks down the aisle. The second she enters the ceremony venue is the perfect time to catch a candid glimpse of all guests. Parents are worth focusing on. And, of course, don’t miss the moment when the to-be newlyweds finally see each other.

6. Crazy Kids

A bride and groom having fun on their wedding day.

Although getting married may seem like a huge step towards adulthood, you should never forget your inner child. Take a few shots with your significant other that’ll make you question your maturity, whether that be jumping on the bed or enjoying the local playground. As a bonus, it’ll remind you to never take yourselves too seriously even when marriage gets tough.

7. Use Props

Take a tip from photo booths and use accessories to your advantage. Think masks, hats, fake mustaches, wigs…etc. It’s one of the easiest methods to lighten the mood and get everyone involved.

8. Mind the Mishaps

A bride and groom running down the street in the rain.

Did someone spill their drink? Did it start raining at the wrong time? Don’t cry about it—embrace the moment. Sure, it may seem like a disaster at the time but, most likely, you’ll laugh about it down the road.

9. Copycat

If there’s a movie, scene, or hobby that defines you as a couple, now’s the time to act it out. For example, if you’re a fan of The Beatles, replicate their Abbey Road walk with your bridal party. Or, if you and your significant other love camping, take a photo of you all dressed up but carrying your tent and gear. These types of photos will be reminders of what brought you two together.

10. Alter Ego

A bride and groom wearing his military uniform, kissing between greenery.

Alternatively, you could embrace your profession. If one of you is a firefighter, have them don their work helmet. This is a simple way to add some personality to your shots.

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