10 Unexpected Ways You May Need Flowers for Your Wedding

A garland of greenery and flowers draped across chairs at a wedding ceremony.

Flowers definitely create the perfect ambiance and decor for your wedding. When it comes to flowers on your big day, everyone knows that you need them for your bouquet and reception centerpieces, but there are some aspects of your wedding, from the ceremony to the cocktail hour, you may need flowers for that aren’t so obvious. When it comes to flowers, the options and possibilities are endless. Here are 10 unexpected ways you may need flowers for your wedding.

1. Floral Archway for the Ceremony

A floral arch and flower petals set up for a wedding ceremony.

A bright floral archway is a beautiful addition to your ceremony. Exchanging vows underneath a lush collection of flowers is not only a perfect photo op, but it’s also oh-so-romantic and spruces up any venue that might fall a little flat.

2. Flower Petals to Shower the Couple

Skip the rice and bubbles, and opt to give your guests cones of flower petals to shower you and your partner after you say “I do.” It’s a classic tradition and a sweet touch to your day.

3. Floral Backdrop at the Cocktail Hour or Reception

A wall decorated with flowers and a monogram at a wedding.

A floral backdrop is a gorgeous piece of decor that can be a great statement piece at your reception and/or cocktail hour. It can add the perfect contrast to an minimalist, urban space and it can also add a “wow” factor to a smaller venue.

4. Table Seating Card Accessory and/or Wedding Favor

Fasten the most delicate and pretty table seating card with a pretty flower. Not only will it look darling, but depending on what you fasten it to (like a tiny vase or apothecary jar), they can also serve as a wedding favor. Speaking of table seating, you might also want to consider decorating your guest’s chairs (or your own) with big blooms.

5. Floral Chandelier

A floral chandelier hanging over a table at a wedding reception.

If you’re going for a super glam yet romantic vibe to your venue, you might want to work with your florist to create a show-stopping floral chandelier to hang at your reception.

6. Garland-Draped Ceiling

Whether your reception is taking place in a tent or indoors, you can easily transform a drab ceiling into a work of art with a garland-draped ceiling. Think lush and full, and you’ll immediately create a romantic vibe to the night.

7. A Stunning Staircase Display

A marble staircase decorated for a wedding with flowers and candles.

If your venue has a breathtaking staircase, why not use it to your decor advantage and drape florals and garlands over the railings or on the steps, creating a stunning display that looks more like a pretty petal sculpture than a staircase. You can also match the foyer with a similar floral design and it will make for one Instagram-worthy entrance.

8. Personalized Monograms or Words as Decor

Create a truly unique and personal decor touch by covering your initials or new last name in flowers. You can use it as lovely backdrop at the head table or have it a centerpiece at the main entrance of your reception.

9. Accent the Bride’s and/or Bridesmaids’ Hair

A bride wearing a flower crown.

Flowers in a bride’s hair is a lovely touch to any style. If you’re going for a boho chic vibe, you might want to opt for a floral crown or dainty little daisies strewn within your tresses. If you’d prefer an elegant feel, place a flower or two throughout a chignon or other up-do. Of course, your bridesmaids might also want to get in on the flower power and dress up their hair similarly to help unify the theme of your big day.

10. Accent the Groom’s Tie

Pretty up the groom’s tie with a tiny flower pinned to it. You might also consider having the groom and/or his groomsmen wear boutonnières with flowers that match the vibe of the big day.

As you can see from the list above, there are countless options and ways that you may need some gorgeous flowers for your wedding—which isn’t a bad thing, really! Everyone could always use some more flowers in their life.

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