11 Classical Songs for Your Wedding

A string quartet playing at a wedding ceremony.

Music is a big part of your wedding, and you probably can’t help but daydream of the songs that you’ll dance to with your new spouse or other special guests. While you probably have favorite pop tunes in mind, a genre of music that you may want to also include in your celebration is classical. There are a lot of classical songs fitting for different parts of your big day—find out what they are so you can add some elegance to your playlist.

When to Play Classical Music at Your Wedding

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You may be wondering when the perfect times are to play classical music at your wedding. When you and the rest of the wedding party walk down the aisle is a good time for these elegant songs. Another time that works well for this gentle, soothing music is during your cocktail hour. Additionally, classical music can be played during your dinner service to allow guests to easily chat and interact with some nice background music.

How to Play Classical Music at Your Wedding

There are a few methods to playing this music at your wedding. It can definitely be played by a DJ or on a sound system, as most of the tracks are easy to come by. Alternatively, you can hire musical performers to play classical music. This is particularly popular for your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. Consider hiring a string quartet, which really personifies classical music and provides a wonderful and memorable experience for you and your guests alike.

Classical Songs for Your Wedding

A bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception.

There are so many beautiful classical songs to play at your wedding. Here’s some of our favorites.

Ave Maria

This is a popular choice for wedding ceremonies as it’s romantic and, without a doubt, named as a classic piece. It’s often called tranquil and is even described as a dream-like melody.

Procession of Nobles

This song isn’t widely known, and therefore isn’t typically heard at weddings. However, it’s a fun piece that can be a great selection to play at the end of a wedding as a couple exits the ceremony. Alternatively, it can be a good addition to your cocktail hour as an upbeat tune.

Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude

This is a classical song by Bach. The cello suite in this tune really captures the heart and attention of listeners, and its romantic nature makes it perfect for any part of a wedding ceremony.

March of the Priests from the Magic Flute

This would be a wonderful selection as the wedding party marches down the aisle leading up to the bride’s entrance. The calm and sophisticated nature of this song makes it a great choice.

Canon in D

This is another popular classical choice for wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties, and receptions alike. It’s simple yet elegant, making it ideal as background music while guests mingle or eat.

Wedding Day at Troldhaugen

This is a bit of a quirky choice, but an appropriate one nonetheless. This selection is lighthearted and entertaining, making it a great choice for a cocktail hour.

Water Music Suite: Air

The classical pace of this song makes it a great choice for a wedding party. This song has a focus on violins.

Trumpet Voluntary

Trumpets make a statement in this piece. Play this at the start of the ceremony to grab the attention of your guests.

The Prince of Denmark’s March

This is another striking song that will really grab the attention of the audience during your wedding ceremony processional or recessional.

Meditation from Thais

If you’d like to dance with your new spouse to a soulful classical song, this is a perfect choice. This song features a violin solo that is impossible to ignore.

On Wings of Song

If you’re searching for a soothing piano piece to incorporate into your big day, look no further! This is described as a heavenly melody.

There is clearly no shortage of classical music to be played on your wedding day, and the soothing nature and elegance of these songs make it a perfect addition.

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