2018 Wedding Cake Trends

  • Hand-Painted Cakes

    Hand-Painted Cakes

    If you know you want a very specific, very custom cake, it really can’t get better than a hand-painted design. Often done over fondant, a hand-painted cake allows the cake artist to create a truly one-of-a-kind look for your wedding cake! Popular hand-drawn designs include floral pieces, marble aesthetic, or even a tie-dye look!

    Cake by Nevie-Pie Cakes

  • Metallic Icing and Accents

    Metallic Icing and Accents

    This new cake trend is adding a pop of sophistication and flair to any wedding cake - adding metallic elements to your cake! Where it be bright gold frosting, silver flecks, or a beautiful rose gold topper, adding metals to your wedding cake is sure to make it a showstopper! You can go so far as to make the entire cake metallic, or so simple as adding one singular accent like a gold flower or other motif to tie everything together.

  • Drip Cakes Create an Original Look

    Drip Cakes

    Drip Cakes are Naked Cakes’ new, hip cousin. They are essentially naked cakes with a twist - a drip of icing, jam, or some other delicious topping artistically placed along the top and “dripping” along the sides of the cake. This creates a yummy, organic, beautifully natural look. A drip cake is a great option if you love the general aesthetic of a naked cake but want a little additional flavor or aesthetic to jazz it up a bit. This type of topping is also great because it gives you so many options for how to top your wedding cake - different colors and flavors will create different looks to complement your colors or theme for the day!

  • Multiple, Smaller Cakes

    Multiple, Smaller Cakes

    A major wedding cake trend that we’re going to see a lot of in 2018 is going to be the use of multiple, smaller cakes. One reason is just that the aesthetic and design options you’re able to put together with more than one cake can’t be beat. Another major reason, though, is the couple really wanting to make accommodations for their guests' needs - including food allergies and other dietary restrictions, as well as just taste preferences. Don’t be surprised if you attend several 2018 weddings that boast 3 - 5 small wedding cakes!

  • Cake with Words

    Cakes with Words

    Similar to the hand-painted cakes, a more specific trend is on the rise for 2018: using words as art on your wedding cake. This can be anything from the couple’s names, to a favorite quote or song lyric about love. Using words as your cake decoration is a simple, beautiful way to make a big impact on your guests - and to make the cake as meaningful as the program or music!

    Cake by Helen Bernhard Bakery

  • Multiple Flavors Using Small Cakes

    Multiple, Smaller Cakes

    Here is another example for the use of multiple, smaller cakes. You can have multiple flavors, icing types and ingredients with multiple smaller cakes. It's an easy way to please all the cake lovers with different taste preferences in your wedding party!

  • 3D Ultra-Real Frosting

    3D Ultra-Real Frosting

    With the advancements in 3D printing and generally making everything more ultra-real, look for cakes with frosting with details never possible before. We are going to see more cakes that look life fine art, and you won't want to cut the cake until the last minute!

  • Fun and Humorous Cakes

    Fun and Humorous Cakes

    More couples are choosing to show their sense of humor with their wedding cake design. A humorous cake will leave people talking about your wedding for a long time to come!

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