2021 Spring Wedding Trends

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Wedding trends come and go, and with many couples planning the details of their upcoming spring weddings, there’s never been a more opportune time to examine what’s popular. From flowers to apparel to decor, there are so many trends to consider for your big day.

Tented Receptions

Outdoor receptions are more popular than ever, in large part thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to safely social distance. However, that doesn’t mean that outdoor receptions can’t be absolutely gorgeous. Many couples are opting for tented receptions filled with things like twinkle lights, chandeliers, and other luxe touches to really take it to the next level. With a few strategic rentals and the right decor, wedding tents can be just as beautiful, if not more so, than a classic ballroom.

Wildflowers and Bold Bouquets

A bride holding a bouquet of colorful wildflowers.

Instead of carefully curated and manicured bouquets, many spring brides are opting to go with more of a natural look. Wildflowers that appear to be more freshly picked make for an artful arrangement that goes perfectly with a boho spring affair. To play off of that, bold bouquets in bright hues are another big trend for the upcoming spring wedding season. Bright pinks, orange flowers, and big blooms all make a statement in a bridal bouquet for spring 2021.

Light Suits

A bride and groom dressed in a light colored dress and suit.

A trend in men’s apparel for spring weddings is lighter suits, both in weight and hue. Suits in materials like linen or seersucker are becoming more and more popular, as they’re trendy and comfortable. Suits in colors like light blue or even tan are a great way for a groom to express his own sense of style and do something that strays from the traditional suit.

Garden Weddings

Two musicians playing music at a garden wedding reception.

Dreamy garden weddings for ceremonies and receptions are going to be a spring trend that couples delve into this year. Getting married in an actual garden has its perks, too, as it is naturally filled with lush decor that you don’t need to bring in for the big day. Plus, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more romantic setting than a beautiful and serene garden.

Cherry Blossoms

Another trend that surrounds flowers comes in the form of cherry blossoms. Spring weddings will incorporate these beautiful blooms into them in one way or another, whether it means your ceremony is in an outdoor venue surrounded by these gorgeous trees or you use them as decor in your reception area. You could also incorporate these into your invitation suite in the form of artwork, which is both lovely and creative.


A bride's hairpiece made of golden butterflies.

Incorporating butterflies somehow into your wedding day will put you right on track for what’s on trend. These beautiful creatures can be easily added to an invitation suite or place cards, adding a touch of whimsy and beauty to your day.

Bare Wedding Cakes

A bride and groom cutting into a naked wedding cake.

Wedding cakes mostly devoid of frosting on the outside are becoming more and more popular. Often referred to as “naked cakes,” these have a boho vibe and are usually adorned with large blooming flowers for dramatic effect. Don’t worry, though, you still get your taste of frosting in between layers when it comes to these confections!

Dresses with Sleeves

A bride standing by the ocean and holding her veil.

Bridal gowns with sleeves are becoming more popular recently, and this trend likely won’t slow down in the coming months. Sheer sleeves, lace sleeves, or even puffy sleeves make a dramatic fashion statement that brides are absolutely loving.

Bridal Overskirts

Another wedding dress trend has brides skipping a second or reception dress in favor of just wearing an overskirt at some point of their wedding. These can be easily added to your original wedding dress to give it a totally new look and an additional fashion statement. These go best with fitted sheath dresses and can add some serious flair. They’re easy to find, inexpensive, and definitely elevate your look.

Consider all these spring trends for your upcoming wedding to make it even more beautiful and memorable.

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