2021 Wedding Trend Preview

A table at a wedding reception decorated with roses and candle sticks.

With each year comes new trends in weddings, and 2021 is no exception for that! As the year kicks off, take a look at the trends that will rule the next 12 months as far as weddings go. From decor to colors to flowers, there is no shortage of trends that may just catch your eye for your own upcoming wedding.

Untraditional Registries

Year after year, couples are straying from traditional wedding registries and are going more of the untraditional route. 2021 will be filled with even more couples registering for things like honeymoon funds or asking guests to donate to charities in lieu of giving gifts, unlike the past where registering for china sets and small appliances reigned supreme.

Furniture at Receptions

A blue velvet couch at a wedding reception.

There is a trend that is expected to pop up a lot this year having to do with couples using living room furniture at their wedding receptions. Couches, arm chairs, and even small end tables are great additions to any reception space, making it not only a more comfortable environment for guests, but also creating a chic and stylish aesthetic.

Brunch Weddings

A theme predicted to be popular among 2021 weddings is for them to happen at brunch time instead of in the evening. Filled with mimosas and bloody Marys, these weddings can be easily held outdoors, making use of daylight hours. Garden brunches or tented events will be popular for brunch weddings and another advantage to them is that they give guests the option to keep the party rolling afterwards or have a more lowkey night once the official reception draws to a close.

English Garden Inspiration

A wedding venue decorated with a floral arch.

Between the royal family obsession and the success of the new Netflix hit show Bridgerton, the effect of pop culture is going to be front and center as English garden themed wedding decor makes its grand entrance. Lush and whimsical flower arches and installation will have their place at many weddings in 2021 as well as regal fashion at weddings.

Assigned Seating

Another way to keep guests safe and healthy at weddings in 2021 will be to use assigned seating systems. Instead of just assigning guests a table, they’ll get a specific seat that is theirs for the entirety of the event, helping to contain the spread of germs.

Warm Colors

A wedding reception table decorated with orange flowers.

Whereas a more neutral palette of whites and greenery were once “in” for wedding florals and color schemes, warmer colors are more of a rising trend this year. Hues of orange or deep purples will have their place at the table, especially when it comes to wedding flowers making a bolder statement at weddings across the globe.

Welcome Boxes

Rather than welcome bags, welcome boxes will be a 2021 wedding theme. These will be filled with all the essentials, including hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, and personalized masks. Everyone loves the process of “unboxing” something, so guests will delight in this new trend.

Tented Weddings

A tented wedding reception.

Tented weddings will be more popular than ever in 2021, especially as couples look to keep their event outdoors and airy but have an option to protect against inclement weather. Concept lighting within these tents will also be huge, creating a glowing ambiance.

Amazing Entertainment

Over-the-top entertainment and creative vendors for entertainment are sure to be a 2021 trend in the wedding world. Although the short-term future surrounding the health and safety of dance floors is yet to be known, that doesn’t mean couples don’t want guests having the best possible time at their event. Entertainers such as musicians, DJs, comedians, illusionists, or visual artists are just some of the ways couples will strive to keep guests on their toes.

2021 is set to be a new era of weddings as couples combine the yearn to keep things healthy and safe while still throwing exciting and memorable celebrations. These are just some of the wedding-related trends that we’ll see as the year progresses.

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