3 Wedding DIYs to Do When Quarantined

A bride wearing a leather jacket with "The Mrs." painted on the back.

Quarantining to keep yourself and others safe from coronavirus (COVID-19) can be pretty boring, but it does have its perks. For instance, if you’re engaged, it’s a great time to complete some wedding DIYs! There are so many wedding-related projects to indulge in, so put your idle hands to work and you’ll not only feel fulfilled, but you’ll also end up with some pretty cool items to use in your wedding after stay-at-home orders are over.

Painted Denim or Leather Jacket

A painted jean or leather jacket is a fun DIY project to make for yourself and/or your fiancé. It can be worn at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or even on your wedding day. It’s also a great item to wear for engagement pictures. Start by finding an old jacket in your closet or finding one online you can order. Once you do that, you’ll need acrylic paint, a few paintbrushes, a piece of chalk, masking tape, and an iron.

Start by taping off the section of the jacket that you plan to paint. Then, use the chalk to sketch out your desired design. Consider writing something like, “Future Mrs.,” “Bride to Be,” or “Wifey.” Really, the jacket is your canvas to design as you please! Make is as personalized as you want!

Once your design is sketched out on the denim to your liking, prepare your paints by mixing them with the textile medium: one part paint to two parts textile medium. This makes the paint better suited for use on fabric, preventing it from cracking and fading with every wash.

Now’s the fun part: start painting! Don’t worry too much about making your design absolutely perfect. It will be unique and a fun wedding accessory no matter how it turns out. Once you’re done painting, let it dry overnight. The next day, iron the design under medium heat to “seal” it onto the denim. Then, your custom-designed jacket will be ready to wear!

These crafts are all easy to do, don’t require many materials, and are useful for your wedding in their own ways. Enjoy the process of creating these as a fun and useful way to pass the time during social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wedding Vision Board

A woman cutting out pictures for a vision board.

A wedding vision board is a fun and easy DIY to work on during the quarantine—and, chances are, you already have the materials to do so inside your house. You can use pretty much whatever you have on hand to make yours: a scrap of cardboard, markers, construction paper, and magazines all work well.

The purpose of this project is to create a visual representation of how you want your wedding to be. It will serve as a reminder whenever you see it at what you are working towards in planning your big day. The vision board can show what your wedding will represent, how you want it to look, how it will make you feel, or a mixture of all of those things.

To create your vision board, start by cutting out or printing pictures, words, and phrases of items and ideas that you want to be representative of your wedding. Once you have a fair amount, adhere them onto a large piece of cardstock, poster board, or even scrap cardboard. Alternatively, you can pin these up on a cork board. Arrange them artfully and make the board look appealing to you! (After all, you’ll be the one looking at it every day!) Once you’re done, you’ll have this fun visual reminder of what you want to focus on as you move forward with your wedding plans.

Wine Cork Projects

If you have a bunch of wine corks laying around, there are seemingly endless projects you can complete with them, all of which could be useful for your wedding (especially if you’re having it at a winery or vineyard). Here are a few ideas to consider.

First, you can create a 3-D “guestbook” by gluing the corks together with the flat sides up to make a giant heart or the initial of your last name. Guests can use markers to sign the corks!

Another idea is to make reception table numbers out of the wine corks. This can be done in a couple ways. Either arrange the corks and glue them together in the shape of the actual numbers, or create number holders with them. Do this by taking three corks and gluing them together so that they’re standing up, side by side. Tie twine around them for an added touch. Slice into the top of the three corks, creating a slit large enough to allow you to slip a piece of cardstock with the table number printed onto it to be held up. It’s as easy as that!

Finally, you can use wine corks to act as artful and elegant place card holders. If you don’t like their natural look, jazz them up a bit with spray paint, twine, ribbon, etc. Create slits in either the tops or sides of the corks to hold the place cards.

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