4 Things to Know About Honeymoon Funds

A newlywed couple in a pool on their tropical honeymoon.

If you’re the type of couple who would trade in a Vitamix for a beach vacation, then maybe setting up a honeymoon fund rather than a traditional wedding registry is best for you. After all, if you’ve been in a relationship with your fiancè for some time, you probably already have what you need in terms of home goods and small appliances.

Besides, after the wedding itself, the honeymoon is the most expensive (not to mention the most appreciated) occasion. So, if you’re looking forward to a trip to the Rockies over a new set of steak knives but still want your guests to feel that their gift is useful and special, a honeymoon fund is your best bet. Here are four things to know about setting up your own honeymoon fund.

1. Decide if a Honeymoon Fund Works for You

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A honeymoon fund works similarly to a traditional wedding gift registry except that instead of paying $75 for a new vase, for example, a guest might put that money towards a bottle of champagne waiting for you in your hotel room upon arrival. Think of it as your guests treating you a trip to the spa rather than a set of new saucers. “We gifted them a couples’ massage instead of a new vacuum” sounds pretty sweet, right?

2. Select the Right Honeymoon Registry Website

Like traditional gift registries, there are a number of registry sites that you can choose from to host your honeymoon fund. Options include Honeyfund, Zola, Blueprint Registry, Honeymoon Wishes, Wanderable, and Traveler’s Joy. Most of these sites allow you to customize and personalize your website according to your preferences, and allow you to add a specified wish list. Some of them also include downloadable announcements, including thank you cards. With some, you can also just create an overall fund without a detailed wish list.

3. Decide if You Want to Create a Wish List

Some couples might prefer to announce a budget that’s been allotted to their honeymoon, and ask their guests to contribute with a donation. While there’s nothing wrong with that option as it does allow you to be more flexible and spontaneous with your money when it comes to your vacay, it’s a good idea to consider your guests and how they might feel. After all, they are the ones who are ultimately helping to pay for your vacation. Some guests like to feel they’re contributing in a real and specific way, meaning they would rather know they are helping to pay for a fancy dinner rather than just giving you $100. Of course, there will be others who might prefer to just send you a check. The choice on how you want to present your honeymoon fund to your wedding guests is entirely up to you! There is no wrong or right way.

4. Include a Wide Range of Prices on Your Fund

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Ensure to include a wide range of prices on your honeymoon fund so that it can suit every type of budget your guests may have. Whether or not your loved ones can afford to really spoil you, there are others who might not afford to but would like you to enjoy yourselves nonetheless. Get creative with your specific wish items and let it not only play to your personalities, but also paint a picture of what you wish your honeymoon to be. This will help entertain your guests too, and will give them a nice idea of what they’re treating you to!

Be true to yourselves as a couple. While you might actually prefer a traditional wedding registry, know that you don’t need to sign up for one if that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. At the same time, gravy boats might break, but the memory of a trip to your dream destination will live forever. By creating a honeymoon fund, you’re not only treating you and your spouse to the vacation of your dreams, but you’re also allowing your nearest and dearest to help you get there!

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