4 Wedding DIYS that Will Save You Serious Money

Wedding reception place cards hanging against a wood wall with clothespins.

Weddings are a costly venture, but they’re a special way to celebrate your love. There are many ways to save money on this monumental event, though, and one of them is to complete some wedding DIY projects for the big day. Although some wedding DIYs may be small and lower impact in terms of budget, there are certainly some DIY projects that give you a lot of bang for your buck and that can save you some serious cash.

1. DIY Place Cards

Place cards are an area of your wedding that can lead to lots of unnecessary spending. Having these professionally printed or created by a calligrapher can be costly, and it’s easy and fun to make them yourself. This is yet another area that allows you to get creative. Make place cards out of unique materials, such as elements found in nature. For a fall wedding, pinecones that have an attached tag with each guest’s name and table number could be a nice and inexpensive touch. For a beach wedding, sea shells with table number tags on them are fun to make and go with the theme. The possibilities are endless here, and making these yourself is sure to save you money in your wedding budget without sacrificing style.

2. Centerpieces

A wedding reception centerpiece of candles.

Wedding centerpieces are so much fun to create because they’re truly a free-for-all that allows for creativity and they’re a chance to bring your wedding reception vision to life. Creating your own centerpieces instead of going the traditional route with a florist can save you some serious money, allowing you to cut corners on your wedding budget. The beauty of this is that there are so many other directions to go besides run-of-the-mill flower arrangements. For instance, you can make paper flowers, raid the dollar store for candles and votives, or use faux flowers to make a cluster of small arrangements in bud vases. These are only some of the creative ideas that would not only be a great money-saver, but are better for the environment, as well.

3. DIY Invitations

Making your own wedding invitation suite is another way to save a boatload of cash. This may take a bit of elbow grease, but there are different ways you could go about the process. If you have an eye for design and the right computer software, you can design and print your own invites. There are a number of free templates and fonts available for download, so you’re bound to find something that suits your style. Another option is to purchase a premade invitation on a site like Etsy and then print it yourself. Although this carries some cost, it is a way cheaper option than having your invites custom-printed with the traditional route. Finally, if you’re super crafty and have an abundance of time to commit to this project, you can custom-cut your own using a die-cutting machine, like a Cricut or Silhouette machine. These allow you to make artful letters, use their automatic drawing tool to write text, and really let you get creative with your homemade invites.

4. DIY Photo Booth

A love sign with lights at a wedding reception.

Photo booths are super fun and trendy to have at your wedding, but they can be a large added cost. However, there are definitely ways to DIY them so you don’t have to miss out on this fun without dipping too far into your wedding budget for it. You can do this by setting up a photo station, even hanging a big, vacant frame for guests to use to take their photos in. Set an Instax Polaroid camera with extra rolls of film near your booth and a box for guests to leave some of their photos in, which will be fun for you to look at after the big day! (Bonus: You get to keep the camera after the wedding and continue using it to document newlywed life!)

Saving money on your wedding doesn’t have to mean skimping on style. These DIY projects save you lots of money while allowing you to put your own spin on your big day.

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