5 Beautiful European Wedding Destinations

A bride and groom walking on a field near an old European building.

The destination wedding is a perfect blend of wedding ceremony and dream vacation, all rolled into one package. This type of wedding has been growing in popularity for years—in fact, about 340,000 couples had destination weddings in 2019 alone!

When most people think of destination weddings, tropical locations are the first spots that spring to mind. Of course, there’s a perfectly good reason for this: who wouldn’t want to get married on a gorgeous, tropical beach? However, there are plenty of other beautiful destinations for weddings all over the world. Today, let’s head over to Europe and look at a few spots where you might want to tie the knot.

1. Tuscany, Italy

If you and your partner are foodies or wine enthusiasts, you’ll fit right in among the vineyards of Tuscany. This rustic, hilly region of Italy is famous for its incredible villas, not to mention its unbelievable selection of food and wine! Tuscany is also considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, which means you and your sweetheart can enjoy all the sophistication and culture of the city’s art museums.

Best of all, Tuscany is filled with sweeping views of lush green hills, fields of flowers, and lovely vineyards. Have an outdoor ceremony at sunset and picturesque photos are basically a guarantee! If you head to Tuscany for your wedding, there’s no doubt that you’ll never forget this truly beautiful setting.

2. Santorini, Greece

A bride and groom in Santorini, Greece.

If you have ever seen a photo of Greece (and I’m sure you have), it’s very likely you saw a photo of Santorini. This volcanic island is known for its stunning views—including those classic white buildings with the beautiful, blue, domed roofs! A terrace wedding ceremony with a view of the city is a once in a lifetime experience.

Weddings in Santorini are perfect for couples who want to have a beach wedding in a unique location. And after you’re officially wed, you can get started on the honeymoon straight away—the island has tons of beaches where you can swim, sun, and simply unwind.

3. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Not every destination wedding needs to take place on a beach. In fact, some couples want just the opposite! To those couples, I suggest the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland.

These seaside cliffs are the inspiration for many Irish folktales, and this (coupled with their unusual rock formations) makes the cliffs feel like something out of a fairy tale. This makes them a popular choice for couples with Irish heritage or a love of myths and folktales—or couples who simply want an ethereal, green wedding location.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

A couple kissing on a bridge in Europe.

If you and your partner love the city life, you’ll fall in love with Prague almost instantly. This city is filled with stunning Gothic architecture and modern art pieces (like a wall-sized mural of John Lennon or a 7-foot statue of Sigmund Freud), not to mention some of the best nightlife in Europe.

A destination wedding in Prague is sure to be romantic, unexpected, and a whole lot of fun. The unique and historic architecture makes for incredible photos, and the city’s wealth of activities ensure that you and your guests will never be bored!

5. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Let’s say that sun, sand, and heat are really not your thing. You and your partner would rather be bundled up in a ski lodge than on the beach any day. Good news! There’s a perfect destination for your wedding: Northern Sweden.

The municipality of Jukkasjärvi is best known for its Icehotel—a literal hotel made of ice from the Torne River each year. This is an incredible feat of artistry and design, and it makes for an amazing wedding venue. But that’s not all this little Swedish town has to offer. Adventurous couples can go on wildlife tours (led by a team of sled dogs) or camp out to see the northern lights.

As you and your partner plan your destination wedding, make sure you consider some of these less-common vacation spots. If you do, you’ll be able to give your guests (or you and your partner, if you’re eloping) a trip they will never forget!

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