5 Moments When you Need Music at Your Wedding That You’re Forgetting

Two guitarists playing at a wedding reception.

Music sets the tone for any party or event, and a wedding is no exception. There’s a reason that so many couples spend time agonizing over which song will play during their first dance, their dances with their parents, or even their walk down the aisle.

Of course, those big moments aren’t the only times that music will play a big role in your special day. You’ll need music to underscore all sorts of moments — even a few you may not think of right away. Here are just a few of those oft-forgotten moments when music can make a big difference.

1. While You’re Getting Ready

A bride getting ready with her bridesmaids as they drink champagne.

The morning of your wedding can often be very chaotic. There are final decorations to put up, hair and makeup to do (or have done), and tons of nervous energy building up as the ceremony approaches. If you want to relax and truly enjoy that morning, you’ll need to be in the right frame of mind—and music can help you get there.

Put together a playlist with your wedding party, filled with songs that put you in a great mood. They can be sweet love songs, party jams, or any other tune that makes you smile from ear to ear. If you play this while you’re getting ready, you’ll be sure to feel calm and content by the time the wedding starts.

2. As Your Guests Arrive

As you and your friends are getting ready in the bridal suite, your guests will be making their way to the venue for the ceremony. Once they arrive, they need to be in the right mood, too. How can you make sure everyone is feeling the love on your big day? By filling your venue with the sweet sounds of love songs.

A nice compilation of love songs (even instrumentals, if you’re going for a subtler vibe) can help set the tone for your wedding and have everyone ready to celebrate your love story. Just make sure you have enough songs to fill the time if you’re running late!

3. During Dinner

A table set at a wedding reception with a lace tablecloth and lights above it.

After you’ve said “I do” and kissed the bride (or groom), you and your guests will likely sit down to a tasty reception dinner. This is usually time for your guests to mingle and chat with one another, but that definitely doesn’t mean that the meal should be totally silent.

Obviously, you don’t want to have loud music blasting while you enjoy your salad. But some light music (played at a low volume) can be a great way to keep the party atmosphere alive while your guests are sitting down to eat. It might even get them excited to hit the dance floor when they’re done!

4. During Speeches

The best man and maid of honor speeches usually occur close to dinnertime; either your loved ones speak while dinner is served, or they do so just before or after. But whatever the timeline may be, this little ritual can put a damper on the party mood. The best way to keep the energy up is to add a little music!

Ask your speech givers (maid of honor, best man, parents, etc.) to pick an entrance song—something that will match the style of their speech. Then, play a small snippet of the song as they step up to the mic. Hearing the song will put your guests in the right state of mind for the speech, and it might give the speaker an extra boost of confidence.

5. As You Exit

Wedding guests holding sparklers during the grand exit or a bride and groom.

Most of the time, wedding receptions are filled with music that makes people want to dance. But once the evening comes to a close, it’s important that you don’t end things too abruptly.

Pick a song you want to save for the end of the night, then tell your DJ to play it as the wedding’s last song. Your DJ can announce that it’s time to wrap things up, then play the song to give everyone one last chance to cut a rug! A great exit song can give your loved ones a hint that it’s time to go while still sending everyone home on a happy note.

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