5 Myths About Wedding Photography, Debunked!

A bride and groom standing on a hill.

Your wedding photography is one of the most important components of your big day. After all, your wedding pictures are one of the biggest keepsakes from your special day. As you’ve researched things for your wedding, you’ve probably come across tons of info about photography, including do’s and don’ts and things you need to keep in mind when it comes to perfecting your wedding day photos. While there is a lot of truthful facts out there, there’s also a lot of fiction that not only isn’t true, but ultimately won’t serve you. Below, we debunk five myths about wedding photography.

Myth #1: My friend or family member can be my wedding photographer

We know that weddings cost a lot of money, so in an effort to cut costs, you might think about hiring your friend or cousin who’s a budding photographer to shoot your wedding. While you might think that’s a good idea (after all, your iPhone photos look pretty good most of the time!), photography is not something you want to skimp on. The talent and experience of a professional photographer is priceless. They know how to work angles and lighting in a way that will shine through beautifully with your photos. Your photos are meant to last a lifetime, so make sure they can stand the test of time.

Myth #2: The more expensive the photographer, the better

A bride and groom being photographed outside.

Sometimes you do get what you pay for, which means some qualified professional photographers might charge more than others and will be worth it. But that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily better or right for you and your wedding. Understanding the tone and style of what you desire for your wedding is key. You also want to look for the quality of the shots and editing. Use your judgment while knowing that paying for a little can go a long way, too.

Myth #3: The more photos you have, the better

There’ no doubt that you’ve heard this one before. After all, if you have a ton of photos to choose from, you’re sure to find more beautiful, Instagram-worthy shots, right? Not always. If you think about it, if you’re committing to a photography package that includes 1,000 photos, then your photographer will feel pressured to get as many shots as possible, which might mean you’ll be receiving extra photos of guests and centerpieces that you really don’t need or want. When it comes to photos, it’s quality over quantity. By selecting the package of photos that you need, you allow your photographer to really focus on the shots that are truly important.

Myth #4: I can direct the photographer to get the shots I want

A bride and groom looking at the shot their photographer took on his camera.

While it’s certainly understandable that you might have a desired shot list of what you want photographed on your wedding day, directing your photographer isn’t the best idea. Miscommunication might happen, not to mention feelings of frustration, and there could be a lot of time wasted. Loosen the reins and trust in your photographer. After all, you hired them for their expertise. Let them do their job and allow them to surprise you.

Myth #5: Group shots won’t take that long

The group shots, whether it’s with the bride and groom and the wedding party, or posed family photos, might make meaningful memories, but they also will take a chunk of your time. You might not think it’s necessary to have a schedule of who needs to be photographed and when, but it won’t hurt. Plan out the group shots and include that within your wedding day itinerary so it can be as seamless as possible.

As you can see from the list above, you can’t always believe what you read or hear about wedding photography. When in doubt, ask the photographer yourself if you have any questions that need clarification. Go with your gut, and remember your wedding photos are probably the one keepsakes from your wedding that will stand the test in time. Invest in them wisely.

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