5 Small Details You Might Forget When Wedding Planning

A pair of gold wedding bands resting on a green and yellow bridal bouquet.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many people to talk to, so many vendors and details to manage, so many decisions to make up to the very day. It’s just natural for one, or two, or a few things to fall through the cracks. Here are five small details that are usually forgotten during wedding planning.

1. Setting a budget for gratuity

This is often the most forgotten thing during budget planning. When you look at the cost of, say, the food and drinks from the caterer, you have to consider adding from 15%-20% service fee and gratuity. The same goes when booking transportation. Consider having a buffer in your budget to make room for gratuities.

For the rest of the vendors, while tips are not required, it is much appreciated, especially if the wedding professionals you hired went above and beyond to make your dream wedding happen. Prepare envelopes with labels and tips, whether cash or check, and assign a family member or a wedding party member to distribute them to the vendors at the end of the evening.

2. The weather and the golden hour

A bride and groom standing in a field.

When you were deciding on the wedding date, you considered the season and the location, which is good. But as the wedding day draws near, be on the lookout for any weather advisories so you can prepare accordingly. Having a plan B in case of inclement weather is very important, and you can work with your venue to come up with a contingency plan.

Photographers call the sunset the “golden hour,” which is the perfect time to take your wedding portraits. Work with your photographer in creating a schedule that will give ample time and put you in the perfect location to have gorgeous sunset photos.

3. Ordering vendor meals

This is usually forgotten unless you have a wedding planner or a day-of-coordinator who knows to do this. Your vendors, especially your photographers and videographers, will be working with you for a minimum of eight hours, or from the time you’re having hair and makeup done until after the cake cutting. Most vendors indicate in their contracts that they require meals beyond a certain number of hours of service. Don’t forget to see what your venue or caterers have for vendor meals, get a headcount from your vendors so you won’t have to think about what to feed your wedding team on the day.

4. Transportation arrangements

A bride and groom posing by a vintage car.

Having a transportation and logistics plan on the wedding day is vital in making it run smoothly. You may have arranged a bridal car that will take your bride and dad or maid of honor to the ceremony and then take you and your spouse to the reception. After the reception, though, make sure that you have a ride going back home or to the hotel, so you’re not left calling a cab or Uber in your formal wear.

If you are having your bridesmaids and groomsmen take photos while getting ready, or if there is another location for after-ceremony photos, it’s best to arrange transportation for the rest of the wedding party, so everyone is present and accounted for during the pictorial.

Elderly and out-of-town guests may also need transportation arrangements, so if you have extra wiggle room in your budget, this is a nice gesture that you can do for them. You can also enlist help from your parents or close relatives to take care of this.

5. The bridal bag and a point person

A change of clothes or shoes, your phone, emergency sewing kit, tampons, facial tissue, and a makeup retouch kit—these are things you might need, but definitely can’t carry around with you if you’re the bride. When you’re packing wedding items, don’t forget to pack a bag of your personal belongings and assign someone, like your maid of honor or family member, to bring it to the bridal suite at the venue. Having a point person to gather up personal belongings and other items (think: your guest book, extra wedding favors, DIY table décor) is also important so you have fewer things to think about after the party.

There’s a lot of hard work that goes into planning your life’s biggest milestone to date, and you’re going to need a lot of help on the day so you can savor and enjoy every moment. Here’s to hoping this list can save you from stress on your special day!

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