5 Things to Splurge on with a Smaller Wedding

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Different types of weddings have a number of pros and cons associated with each of them, but micro weddings certainly carry the perk of usually costing less overall. When it comes to planning a more intimate affair, you’ll likely be able to reduce the size of your budget. However, you may want to splurge on certain items for this event that you ordinarily wouldn’t if you had a larger guest list.

1. Flowers and Decor

A small wedding ceremony decorated with flower garlands.

The first thing you should definitely consider splurging on for a smaller wedding is flowers and decor. A small, intimate affair with beautiful flowers and decorations makes a huge statement, and a smaller wedding likely has less space to decorate, so it will require less money to do so. Go overboard on beautiful flowers with lush greenery, candles, and a special tablescape. Consider renting things like linens, plates or chargers, and even glasses to allow your table to make a beautiful statement. Take this same standpoint for your ceremony, really elevating the space to make it picture-perfect. This will have a large impact on guests and will look gorgeous in your photos as well.

2. Photography and Videography

One of the only things you take away from your wedding (besides being married) is the photos and videos you have of that special day. For that reason, use the extra money in your small wedding budget to splurge on your photography and videography packages. You will forever treasure these mementos and having documentation of this monumental day is simply something you can’t replace. Shop around for the photographer and videographer you truly click with to make your day run even more smoothly and to get the best photos and footage of your wedding day.

3. Food and Drink

A bartender mixing cocktails at a wedding reception.

Spoiling your guests (and yourselves!) with delicious food and drinks for your small, intimate wedding is an absolute must. This is also one of the largest perks of having a smaller wedding. You can customize the menu to your preferences, whereas larger guest lists don’t allow for the same level of customization. Serve guests a delicious multi-course meal and incorporate your favorites into the dinner. You can also serve your favorite cocktails, wine, or spirits for your special day. Choose a special champagne to toast with that you will always associate with this day. The food and drink possibilities are truly endless at your small wedding!

4. Welcome Bags or Favors

When you have a smaller guest list, you can usually take more care and maybe even more wiggle room in your budget to truly spoil your guests. Consider doing so with customized welcome bags or wedding favors. Create beautiful welcome bags filled with everything your guests could need for your wedding weekend, from mini water bottles to snacks to emergency items like Advil. You can also make these welcome bags “COVID-19 approved” with customized face masks and mini hand sanitizers. Be sure to include a note thanking your guests for being there and anything else you want them to know about the weekend, such as a schedule of events or your favorite spots in the area that you suggest for visiting.

If you’re looking to do wedding favors instead, there are certain items that are fun to splurge on. For instance, luxury candles, custom-made desserts, or mementos that are specific to the location of your wedding are always a hit. These little details can really help guests have a wonderful experience and they’ll surely remember your wedding forever.

5. Weekend Events

A group of friends at a pre-wedding party.

Another great aspect of having a micro wedding is the ability to make it into a whole weekend event. You may choose to splurge on events outside of your actual wedding ceremony and reception, such as welcome cocktails, an after-party, or post-wedding day brunch. Having a smaller guest list allows you to get creative with these events and to customize them to fit the interests of you and your spouse. Your guests will love the multiple opportunities to celebrate with you and this is a fun way to spend more time with your loved ones.

Small weddings have their upsides, and being able to splurge on the details of this event is certainly one of them! Be sure to splurge on the items that are important and most meaningful to you.

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