5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable

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From ceremony to reception, most brides and grooms want every detail of their weddings to be perfect. They want a ceremony that will bring their guests to tears and a reception that will be unforgettable. With these 5 simple tips, you can make your wedding a night no one will forget – or even more importantly, a night you’ll remember forever

1. Dancing Shoes

StickerYou Weddingbee flip flop bin

For the ladies showing up in heels, a pair of affordable plastic flip flops can go a long way before hitting the dance floor. You can pick up them up from a local dollar store and customize them with stickers matching the theme or colors of your wedding. They also serve as a great memory when they use them on their next vacation! So, set aside a portion of your budget to give your guests a gift they’ll love at your reception: the gift of comfortable feet! Grab a large bucket or basket and fill it with as many pairs as you think would work for your guest list. Your feet and theirs will surely appreciate the thought.

2. Hangover First-Aid Kits

StickerYou Weddingbee First Aid Kit

This is an easy DIY project and a great gift for the wedding party. Build or buy a small wooden or metal box, and add a bottle of water, small pack of ibuprofen, gum, and a granola bar to each one. Leave one in the hotel room for each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can even personalize it with their names, and of course, the wedding theme.

3. A Take-Away Candy Bar

StickerYou Weddingbee candy bar

Add a little flavor to the wedding guest favors with a take-away candy bar. All you need is a stack of small folding paper containers and 4-5 different kinds of candy. Place each kind of candy in a different jar or bowl and let your guests create their own candy-take-away package. Don’t forget to label the jars and make stickers for each of the takeaway bags.

4. Wedding Party Car

StickerYou Weddingbee Car Window Decal

Jet off after the wedding in a car with custom “Just Married” window decals, complete with your names and the wedding date. Design your own car decals, and print them online at stickeryou.com for a great send off on a budget!

5. Wine Wedding Favors

StickerYou Weddingbee Car Window Decal

Who wouldn’t love to head home from your wedding with a delicious bottle of wine to look forward to? To make your gift more memorable, customize the wine bottle labels with table numbers or the wedding theme, and add a picture of the happy newlyweds.

For more fun and unique ideas on how you can make your wedding reception unforgettable, head over to stickeryou.com and start designing your wedding.

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