5 Ways to Beat Wedding Budget Stress

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It’s no secret that one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is setting and adhering to a budget. While many couples dance around this topic due to its intimidating nature, it’s important to address as part of the planning process. Instead of letting the finances of your wedding stress you out, here’s how to find a way to budget with ease and enjoy the months leading up to your big day all the more.

1. Set Your Budget Early

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Instead of procrastinating on setting your wedding budget like many couples tend to do, set it early to beat the anxiety that typically exists surrounding the topic. Have a conversation with your fiancé and anyone else financially contributing to your wedding to determine what your final numbers are and what you feel comfortable with. These conversations can certainly be awkward, but getting them out of the way early will alleviate a lot of stress and will help guide you in making many more decisions for your wedding. It’s hard to make decisions around a venue, caterer, and other vendors without this information, so it should definitely be a priority in your planning process and is sure to be a weight off your shoulders once it’s settled.

2. Anticipate Unexpected Expenses

As much as you plan, there will certainly be unexpected expenses that arise for your wedding that you didn’t necessarily anticipate when you first set your budget. To help minimize stress when these items come up, pad your budget with some extra cash to cover these expenses. This eliminates the need for panic when these costs come up and gives you more wiggle room in your budget overall.

3. Prioritize What’s Important

Let’s face it: weddings are expensive. And for most couples, you can’t get every single thing you want out of your wedding, whether it be due to financial constraints or logistical reasons. For that reason, after you set your wedding budget, decide with your fiancé what your top priorities are for your big day to see how your funds should be allocated. Some couples are more concerned with having a top-tier photographer than stellar entertainment, and it’s all a personal choice. This way, you know what items are first to get cut if you start getting close to the max number on your budget.

4. Agree on Wiggle Room

As mentioned above, having some wiggle room in the budget helps. Have some flexibility to change the budget slightly as your planning process evolves. You may have things come up that cost a bit more than expected or your wants and priorities may change slightly the closer you get to your wedding day. Having an understanding that there is a little bit of flexibility will make planning surrounding your budget much easier and stress-free.

5. Be a Savvy Saver

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Another way to stress less about your wedding budget is to save as much as you can leading up to the big day. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save that are pretty effortless. For instance, use an app like Acorns, which rounds up every purchase you make to a whole dollar, automatically depositing those extra few cents into a savings account. It’s such small amounts that you won’t realize they’re being taken from your account, but it’ll add up nicely! Another savvy way to save is to sell items from your home or closet that you no longer use on sites and platforms like Poshmark, LetGo, or Facebook Marketplace. Finally, assist in saving by using browser extensions like Honey, which automatically finds the best coupon codes to apply to your cart while shopping online. These small and easy measures can save you quite a bit, which will go a long way when you’re paying for a wedding.

It’s not uncommon for brides and grooms to seriously stress over the finances surrounding their wedding. Taking these easy steps helps to eliminate those worries and makes following your budget much easier.

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