6 Sustainable Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A wedding reception outside in a courtyard underneath lights and next to a tree.

With a large focus on “going green” in today’s world, incorporating eco-friendly ideas into your wedding will enhance your big day while making minimal impact on the earth. One way to do this is to opt for sustainable wedding centerpieces on each of your reception tables. There are endless ways to do this creatively, giving your wedding a unique look while being a conscious citizen of the planet.

1. Potted Plants

Potted plants as centerpieces on a wedding reception table.

Rather than using centerpieces featuring cut flowers like many choose for their wedding, instead go the more sustainable route by using potted plants. These can be potted flowers, herbs, or more traditional plants featuring greenery like ivy or topiaries. Dress up the containers by wrapping them in fabric and ribbon to add more flair. Regardless of what plants you choose, these will be lovely on your tables and the best part is that you or your guests can take them home that evening to nurture for a long time to come!

2. Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are a great way to make your centerpieces more sustainable, and the best part about these is that they will last forever! Rather than having flowers that will eventually die and have to be discarded one way or another, paper flowers can be kept for years to come as a sweet memento and reminder of your wedding day. Another benefit of paper flowers is that you can completely customize them to meet your preferences. From color to size to paper type, how they look is up to you! If you’re not the crafty type, these are certainly available for order, which allows you to support an artist and small business in most cases.

3. Moss and Candles

A wedding reception sweetheart table decorated with moss and candles.

Moss is a great way to provide greenery on your tables without using up an abundance of cut flowers and leaves, which is the less sustainable route. Moss is a lush accent that can be used in a myriad of ways. Layer it with simple candles for something romantic and subtle.

4. Recycled Containers

An eco-friendly (and economically friendly) way to create beautiful and unique reception centerpieces is to use recycled containers to hold cut flowers. You can begin collecting recycled cans and bottles from your own home leading up to your wedding. Remove the labels and spray paint them to match your wedding color palette.

5. Fallen Branches

A table at a wedding reception decorated with branches and candles.

If you have access to any wooded area, collect fallen branches to create your sustainable centerpieces. Choose branches that have twists and turns to them and arrange them in tall vases. You can also opt to paint the branches, add glitter, or hang tea lights off of them. This is another budget-friendly option, in addition to being earth-friendly.

6. Edible Tablescape

A table at a wedding reception decorated with lemons.

Consider using colorful fruits and vegetables as sustainable centerpieces at your wedding, placing them in bowls or glass containers. If you’re having a summer wedding, consider using citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. Or, you can match fruits and vegetables to the color palette of your wedding. Plus, people can take these edible centerpieces home to use and eat after your wedding is over. If you’re looking to take sustainability to the next level, you can subscribe to a service like Imperfect Produce, which sends produce that has slight “imperfections” and would otherwise be thrown out, at a discount.

Any measure you can take to live more sustainably matters, and incorporating these efforts into your wedding is something you can feel good about. Plus, these centerpiece ideas all look beautiful, adding to the overall aesthetic of your special day.

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