6 Ways to Take Your Wedding Cake to the Next Level

An aerial view of a wedding cake decorated with purple geodes.

When it comes to wedding planning, your cake is often overlooked and is one of the last things to order. However, it’s one of the most fun—and delicious—parts of your big day. It’s also one of the most popular items of your decor that will definitely be photographed, which means you’ll want to show your wedding cake some “sugar” (AKA, attention). While an understated cake can be elegant and chic, there’s something to be said about a wedding cake that has a real “wow” factor. From bold colors to personal touches, here are six ways to take your wedding cake to the next level.

1. Go Non-Traditional and Don’t Serve a Cake

Cupcakes topped with blackberries at a wedding reception.

You don’t need to go for the traditional two or three-tiered cake for your wedding day, especially if you’re not someone who loves cake. You certainly shouldn’t serve one if you don’t like them. Instead, go for something as equally sweet and delicious, and something you’ll truly savour. Try a doughnut tower or various cupcakes. If you’re a pie lover, you might want to consider serving a few varieties of your favorite flavors. Anything goes when it comes to honoring your sweet tooth!

2. Choose a Unique Cake Topper

The little details make a big difference when it comes to making your cake pop. Enter: cake toppers. They easily transform a simple cake into something Instagram-worthy. The possibilities are really endless with this trend. Order a personalized topper off of Etsy that look like you and your fiancé. If you’re pet parents, you might even choose a bride and groom dog or cat. If you’re looking for something really unique, you can choose a significant quote or inside joke that’s special to you. You could also make it a DIY project and create origami flowers. Get creative to make a statement!

3. Go for Bold Colors and Decorations

A wedding cake decorated with pink and blue flowers painted onto the icing.

Elegant white cakes have been de rigeur on Pinterest for the last few years. Be the change and embrace bold colors, prints, and decor for your wedding cake. Make a statement with contrasting colors that really pop or dress up a white cake with bright flowers that will really stand out in the wedding photos.

4. Make it Personal

Do you and your fiancé have a favorite cake flavor? Was there a special dessert that you bonded over on your first date? While this might be a subtle detail that’s irrelevant to your guests, it may be something significant to you and your beloved and/or close friends and family. It will also add a meaningful symbol to your big day in the most delicious way.

5. Dress up the Display

A small wedding cake decorated with gold leaf and surrounded by greenery and candles.

Even the most beautiful wedding cake can get lost in the crowd when displayed on a plain cake stand or table. Knock it out of the park by dressing up your cake display with florals, colored linens, and any personal touches that you might want to add like photos, trinkets, and other decor in your wedding theme. You might even want to play around with lighting—a spotlight on a cake will definitely amp up the drama. Or, you can even look into having your cake suspended over the table. Now, that will really look magical!

6. Play with the Shape of the Cake

Wedding cakes don’t have to be round or tiered. Bust out of the cake rut by embracing a unique shape an oval or rectangle for a modern celebration. You can also go super bold and try out a triangle cake or a fun symbol like a heart or rainbow. Additionally, you can play with the tiers and mix and match shapes. Geometry can be fun!

Your wedding cake should be a delicious and decorative confection that reflects you and your big day. It deserves to be not only the thing that you’re most excited to eat, but also something that you’re excited to show off.

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