7 Modern Wedding Traditions to Embrace

A bride and groom running with mountains in the background.

As the world changes, so do weddings. While there are so many old fashioned wedding traditions that have been around for ages, there are also many new and more modern traditions that have gained traction in recent years. Many of these are fun, exciting, and worth embracing, or at least considering for your upcoming wedding!

1. Pay for the Wedding

While it was historically the responsibility mostly of the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, it’s become more customary than ever for couples to pay for their own wedding. In turn, couples are setting their own rules for their weddings rather than allowing their parents a loud voice in the decision making process, as was common previously. Couples are setting their own guest lists, choosing unique locations, and putting their own twists on their weddings.

2. Create a Wedding Hashtag

A group of women taking selfies at a bachelorette party.

Wedding hashtags are a modern tradition that many couples choose to embrace. This is a fun and simple way to allow guests to tag their photos from your wedding on social media so that you can easily see everything posted from your big day. You can also use these hashtags for pre-wedding events, like a bridal shower or bachelorette party, or you can have separate hashtags coordinating with those events. It’s fun to get creative with these hashtags, creating a play on your names, or you can make them more straightforward if you choose.

3. Updated Registries

Another modern tradition to note is having an updated wedding gift registry. Instead of just china sets and bath towels, many brides and grooms are adding things that are more experience-based to their registries. This includes honeymoon funds or even things like spa experiences.

4. Ditch the Cell Phones

A sign at a wedding ceremony requesting no cell phone usage.

As technology has evolved, it’s likely that virtually all of your wedding guests will have a smartphone in hand at your wedding. It’s become more and more traditional in recent years for couples to request that guests not take photos on their smartphones during your wedding ceremony, as you may not want the distraction or tons of phones in the background of your professional pictures. You can politely make this request with a sign, note in your ceremony program, or by having your officiant make an announcement at the start of your ceremony.

5. Ditch Old Traditions

Somewhat ironically, it’s become a bit of a tradition to ditch some of the old wedding traditions that used to be popular. For instance, many couples are choosing not to do things like the bouquet or garter tosses. Additionally, some couples nix the big cake cutting ceremony and instead opt for something more private in front of only their photographer.

6. Incorporate Pets

A bride next to two dogs wearing flower collars.

Many couples are finding special ways to incorporate their pets into their wedding, especially when it comes to the ceremony. Whether they have their pet walk down the aisle as a ring bearer or perhaps even pulled in a wagon by a flower girl, this is a special way to highlight an important furry friend in your life. If you can’t physically have your pet there, you can incorporate imagery of them on some of your wedding swag like on printed stadium cups or signage. Some couples even name their signature cocktail reception drinks after their pets!

7. Mini-Moons and Delayed Honeymoons

Instead of taking the traditional honeymoon right after a wedding day, many couples are instead going on what’s called a “mini-moon.” This involves going on a short trip, perhaps somewhere close to where they live, in order to celebrate their new marriage. Then, couples enjoy a “delayed honeymoon” months after tying the knot. This is a fun tradition because it allows for more flexibility and can be a bit less stressful to not have to get ready for a large-scale trip on top of getting ready for your big day. (Plus, it simultaneously allows you to go on an “extra” trip, just extending the celebrations!) Other couples cite that they like having something to look forward to in their delayed honeymoon after all the wedding festivities are over.

There are so many new, modern traditions that are worth embracing as you plan your special day!

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