7 Tips for Getting Great Fall Wedding Photos

A bride and groom posing in front of a field with fall-colored trees in the background.

The fall is the perfect time to get married for many couples, with beautiful foliage, crisp weather, and the feeling of romance in the air. If you’re planning a fall wedding, getting beautiful photos is probably on the top of your wish list. Here are some of our tips and tricks to getting magazine-worthy fall wedding photos during this beautiful time of year.

1. Start Simple

There are so many different fall elements and locations that are tempting to incorporate into your wedding photos, but remember to have your photographer start simple and then incorporate those added elements in as you move through your photo session. Never underestimate the power of a simple portrait with a beautiful background!

2. Take Advantage of the Fall Colors

A bride and groom walking in a park with fall-colored leaves.

The picturesque foliage of autumn is one of the best parts of the season, and it’d be silly not to take advantage of these colors for your wedding photos. Before your wedding, scope out some spots that have a lush landscape showing off the changing leaves. Public parks make for a great spot to take photos, as there are usually many different spots to pose. Also check out your venue to find the best on-site spots. Consult your photographer on this, too, to help figure out where you plan to take your pictures.

3. Incorporate Fall Colors into Your Bridal Look

To really accent the colors of the foliage, plan out a full fall color palette to make the most of your photos. For instance, have the groom wear a burgundy tie or have an olive green wrap to wear for some of your photos. You can also accent the palette with your bouquet, choosing fall-themed flowers in deep, rich hues.

4. Use Leaves as Props

A diamond ring on fall leaves.

To get those beautiful detail shots of things like your invitation suite, rings, and other smaller aspects of your perfectly planned day, use leaves to give them a more “fall feel.” Request that your photographer gather a few fallen leaves to use as accents to these pieces to really take advantage of this special time of year.

5. Have a Photography Schedule

A bride and groom walking in a park around fall leaves.

Having a schedule is key to getting good wedding photos no matter what the season, but you especially want to ensure this during the fall when there is more limited sunlight than in spring and summer. Look up the sunset time prior to making your schedule and build around that to make sure you get photos in the light of day that take advantage of the scenery. Go over a photography schedule with your photographer and then work around that to make the schedule for the rest of your big day.

6. Have a Wrap or Shawl on Hand

Having a wrap or shawl on hand for fall wedding photos is an absolute must. Since temperatures vary greatly during this time of year in most areas, you never know if it’ll be hot or freezing (or somewhere in between). To avoid shivering and not looking natural in your wedding photos, have an extra layer with you that you love enough to incorporate into at least some photos. The more comfortable you feel during your photo shoot, the better you’ll look! Also ensure that your wedding party is well equipped to stay warm and comfortable throughout the shoot.

7. Plan for Golden Hour

A bride posing in a cardigan against a fall landscape.

The “Golden Hour” is a notoriously perfect time to take wedding photos during autumn. It falls right before sunset and catches the sun looking absolutely divine! The position of the sun and its soft glow flowing through the beautiful trees is really something special, and the hues of the foliage will be naturally amplified during this time. If you can, plan to take photos during this time of day. You or your photographer will want to scout your photo locations close to the actual day to understand how the sun falls in relation to where you are planning to take your photos.

Fall wedding photos are among some of the most beautiful, and by following these tips you’re bound to get shots that you’ll instantly love.

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