8 Clever Details for Your Same-Sex Wedding

A pair of denim jackets with the word "Mrs." on the back of each.

Getting married to the love of your life is bound to be an exciting event, and it’s without a doubt that you’ll want to plan out every detail. There are so many clever ideas to add into your same-sex wedding that you can add in to take your big day to the next level. These will be memorable for you and your guests, making them a sure win as you celebrate your wedding day.

1. Witty Ceremony Signs

There are several witty ceremony signs that you can add to your same-sex wedding in order to send a message to guests and give them a giggle, too. These signs surround guests choosing a “side” to sit on. For a lesbian wedding, use the saying “Choose a seat, not a side. Either way, it’s for a bride!” For a male wedding, use the saying, “Choose a seat, there’s plenty of room. Either way, you get a groom!” What a clever way to start off your event!

2. Pride Flags

Two brides in a vintage car with a rainbow flag.

A fun way to have your guests celebrate right after your ceremony or as you make your grand exit from the reception is to have them waving pride flags. These can easily be handed out prior to the ceremony or as guests leave the reception, and this will make for beautiful photos that show your pride in what is sure to be one of the best moments of your life.

3. Signage

You can incorporate sayings that are important to the LGBTQ community into your wedding with signage. A sign that boasts the saying “Love always wins” is a simple way to show pride. Another popular saying to highlight is “Love is love is love.” If you’d rather not have a sign with these sayings, you can easily incorporate them into your program or any other piece of day of wedding stationery. More clever sign ideas are “Here comes the brides” signs for a ring bearer or flower girl to hold as they walk down the aisle or for the two brides or grooms to hold a “Happily ever after” bunting sign for wedding photos as something special and cute.

4. Cake Toppers

A cake topper with

Cake toppers that say “Mr. & Mr.” or “Mrs. & Mrs.” are yet another fun detail for your same-sex wedding. Alternatively, cake toppers of two brides or two grooms can be a fun touch as well. This is definitely somewhere to get creative, and there are so many different options out there to explore for this fun wedding detail.

5. Neon Lights

Neon lights are a definite trend in the world of weddings, where couples are using them as decor during their reception and then taking them home afterwards as a unique piece of decor. For a same-sex wedding, do something clever by getting a neon sign that says “Mr. & Mr.” or “Mrs. & Mrs.” These are perfect to hang on a flower wall or above your head table as they really make a statement and are quite eye-catching.

6. Special Accessories

Two brides wearing flower crowns.

Accessories that highlight your big day are fun touches to incorporate. For instance, cufflinks for the grooms that say “Groom One” and “Groom Two” à la Dr. Seuss is a clever and fun touch. For brides, matching garters that have their respective future spouse’s monogram embroidered on them is yet another fun and subtle touch.

7. Rainbow Table Decor

Instead of going with traditional flowers on your reception tables, go for something special that incorporates the ultimate symbol of pride: rainbows. You can do this several ways. The first way is to use different colored flowers in the colors of the rainbow, using small vases and arrangements across the tables instead of one larger one on each table. Another option is to use a combination of flowers and colored glass candle holders. Finally, you can skip the flowers altogether by having raised arrangements of rainbow streamers or ribbons instead.

Adding these touches to your big day will make it that much more memorable and certainly make it a more special event for you and your guests alike!

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