8 Spring Wedding Themes

A hanging flower circle and candles in a wooded area for a spring wedding ceremony.

Spring is the season for renewal and so it’s the perfect time to say “I do.” A spring wedding can have many different themes to match both the time of year and the preferences of the couple tying the knot. Below are some wedding themes to use for inspiration as you plan your own.

1. Garden Party

A wedding ceremony in a garden decorated with lights and lanterns.

An outdoor garden party is a great spring wedding theme that allows you to take advantage of the blooms and transitioning weather. Incorporate overflowing pastel flowers and other whimsical touches for a beautiful and serene garden celebration. A garden wedding in spring is best suited for a climate that gets warm earlier in the season and may not be suitable for areas that have very unpredictable spring weather, so this is something to keep in mind.

2. Mixed Metals

A table at a wedding reception decorated with pastel colors and rose gold metal details.

The mild outdoor temperatures associated with spring are a great time to have a wedding that uses mixed metals for accents, decor, and even items such as stationery. Copper, rose gold, silver, and traditional gold come together to create a soft aesthetic that still makes a statement. Use items such as candle holders, a decorative wedding cake or cake pops, and foiled invitations to capitalize on this theme.

3. Cozy Woodland

Just because spring has arrived doesn’t mean that the weather is completely warmed up, depending on the geographic location of your event. With that being said, cozy woodland can make for a beautifully themed spring wedding. This can be done indoors or out, incorporating rustic elements and lots of exposed wood, overflowing greenery, and wood and metal lanterns. If you host an event with this theme outside, make sure to include throw blankets and other cozy factors to really play up the theme and keep guests comfortable.

4. Fresh Florals

A table at a wedding reception decorated with blue glassware and peach-colored flowers.

Everything’s coming up roses in the spring! For that reason, a floral themed wedding is a great way to highlight the season. Use every facet of your wedding to highlight bursting, beautiful blooms. In fact, there are endless ways to incorporate this theme into your day: a “potted flower” wedding cake, invitations that feature flowers, a flower crown in lieu of a veil, flower bulbs or seeds as favors, a luxe flower wall for photos. To elevate this theme, hone in on one or two flowers that are your accent pieces for the day and run with it.

5. Citrus and Fruits

A white wedding cake decorated with yellow roses and lemons.

Nothing says “fresh” like citrus fruit. Lemons, limes, and clementines can make for festive (and inexpensive!) decor at your event. You can also incorporate these into your wedding cake, favors, and invitation suite. A citrus or fruit theme lends itself easily to a color palette that will make your event pop, too.

6. Candy Land

The spring is the perfect time for bright and bold colors that will bring your wedding celebrations to life. To use those hues, have a candy land-themed event. This is particularly fun for a couple with a sweet tooth. To bring this theme to life, use a stationery suite that highlights sweets and offer a sprawling candy bar for guests to nibble on throughout the reception. Also use bright flowers that match the occasion to make the decor pop more.

7. Fresh Greens

A table at a wedding reception decorted with a runner made of greenery.

Since leaves are sprouting so rapidly in the spring, a theme that highlights greenery is in order. Have a DIY terrarium bar for guests to enjoy, use hanging plants as decor, and make lush plants and greenery the focal point of your big day. For this theme, you could even nix flowers entirely, carrying a bridal bouquet made of succulents. This theme is perfect for anyone who’s focused on having an eco-friendly wedding, displaying a deep appreciation for nature as they tie the knot.

8. Neutrals

A kraft paper place card that says

As the weather slowly changes and the outdoors springs back to life, it’s the perfect time to have a more neutral-colored wedding that allows you to go with a muted theme. Use shades of gray, taupe, gold, tan, and white to present a more subtle statement for your big day.

These are just some of the wedding themes that are the perfect fit for a beautiful spring day. No matter what theme you go with, know that your wedding will be refreshing and beautiful all the same!

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