8 Summer Wedding Flower Ideas

A bright and colorful summer wedding bouquet.

Flowers are often a key focal point of any wedding, be they in the bridal bouquet or as decor. Hence, finding the right blooms should be a priority when planning your big day. Luckily, if you’re getting married in the summer, you’re blessed to have many beautiful options to choose from. Of course, with so many bright and colorful flowers available, you may be wondering what’s best for your big day. To give you a place to start, we’ve summarized some of the latest flower trends for you to get a bit of inspiration from in these warmer months.

First things first: it’s good to be reminded that eco-consciousness is an option as you wedding plan, so many brides prefer to opt for locally grown flowers or even wildflowers. You can also take it one step further by choosing potted plants, which can double as wedding favors for your guests to take home at the end of the day. Potted succulents and cacti are very on-trend these days and fit that bill. Alternatively, you can also rent flowers for your wedding, if that option is available to you.

1. Tropical Paradise

A bride holding a large bouquet of tropical greenery.

One of the top trends of this summer is tropical-style flora. This means more exotic-looking picks and bright colors. Sun palms, passion flower vines, orchids, or even Peruvian lilies are all great options to achieve this look. Use banana leaves as seating chart name cards and if you’re having a beach wedding, weave some small seashells into bouquets for a unique look.

Of course, depending on where you live, certain options may not be available to you. In which case, you can consider mixing in a few fake flowers among real ones. Trust us—no one will be able to tell!

2. Berry Sweet Summer

A fun addition to both bridal bouquets and reception centerpieces are fresh fruits. Think bunches of berries, lemons, or even pineapples or kumquats for something more exotic.

3. Floral Accessories

A bride wearing a flower crown.

Many brides and bridesmaids are getting creative with their flowers by wearing them in a modern way. In addition to the traditional corsage and boutonniere, it’s now considered cool to have necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made out of living flora. If you want to do something other than a flower crown, consider asking your hairstylist to weave a few flowers into your updo.

4. Dried Flowers

Following on the sustainability trend, dried flowers and foliage have been in demand for the last few years, especially among boho brides. Although they work in almost any setting, they’re an absolute ideal addition to a countryside or rustic venue.

5. Be Bold with Blue

A bride holding a large bouquet with blue flowers and greenery.

Many couples find inspiration in Pantone’s color of the year when choosing a color theme for their wedding. 2020’s color happens to be blue, which pairs well with all bright summer shades and is a fun way to add “something blue” to your bridal outfit. Some popular flowers that come in this stunning hue include cornflower, delphinium, hyacinth, hydrangea, and tweedia.

6. Bleached Greenery

This refers to foliage that has literally been bleached from green to white and is a very fresh trend to take on for your wedding day. It’s both minimalist and modern, and goes with both casual and formal themes. As a bonus, bleached greenery helps the colors of the rest of your bouquet pop!

7. Go Big or Go Home

A bride holding a large bouquet of bright flowers and greenery.

Oversized bridal bouquets are back. Brides have been requesting them more and more over the last few years and the trend is now hitting its peak. And with the bold colored flower options you have in the summer, what could be a better way to get everyone’s attention when you walk down the aisle?

8. Keep it Green

A bride holding a bouquet of greenery.

In lieu of flowers, some couples are sticking with foliage and fillers. It’s a great option if you’re aiming for a minimalist look and budget-friendly!

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