8 Traditional Groom Wedding Responsibilities

A bride and groom with grassy hills in the background.

While the bride is usually at the helm of wedding planning, that doesn’t mean the groom doesn’t have his share of duties to fulfill both leading up to and on the big day. In fact, there are a number of responsibilities that traditionally fall on the plate of the groom. A full guide on what these duties are is below.

1. Planning Basics

Even if a groom isn’t super into wedding planning, he should still be involved in helping choose the big parts of the wedding—for instance, the venue and location, the budget, and the guest list. Overall, the groom should convey his vision for the vibe of the wedding, even if he’s not exactly interested in choosing every detail to make that vision come to life.

2. Choosing Groomsmen

Groomsmen wearing dark suits and standing with thier arms crossed.

It’s only natural that the groom is responsible for choosing both his groomsmen and ushers. After discussing the general number of wedding party members that you’ll have, the groom has to decide who he wants standing by his side. This could be siblings, friends, cousins, or anyone else important to the groom. It is customary to include any brothers of the bride if she has them, too.

3. Handling the Marriage License

Another traditional duty of the groom is to handle the coordination of and fees towards the marriage license. This is a must-have item when tying the knot, so it’s not something that a groom will want to slack off on as he prepares to walk down the aisle!

4. Choosing Wedding Attire

A groom getting a boutonniere pinned onto his jacket.

A groom is also responsible for choosing his own attire as well as the attire of his groomsmen for the big day. Obviously, the bride will probably want to take a look at what the groom plans to wear before it’s officially decided, but this is primarily the decision of the groom. He should also choose his accessories, like shoes, tie, pocket square, and little details like cufflinks. The groom will need to communicate these details to his groomsmen so they can have their outfits ready for the big day. The groom also may have opinions on what he wants his boutonniere to look like.

5. Groomsmen Gifts

Another aspect of responsibility for the groom is choosing gifts for his groomsmen. This doesn’t have to be anything major, but a token of appreciation for their presence that day will go a long way. Something simple like a nice wallet or personalized dopp kits are classic gifts that your groomsmen will have forever.

6. Reception Entertainment

A guitar player and drummer at a wedding reception.

Traditionally, the groom is responsible for choosing the band or DJ to act as the entertainment for the reception. Although this is something the bride and groom should discuss to ensure they’re on the same page overall, the groom should do the research, handle vendor communication, and handle payments for the entertainment. This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, as it has a huge impact on the party aspect of your wedding—something everyone looks forward to!

7. Reception Toast

A groom is typically responsible for making a short toast after any other toasts are given at the wedding reception. During this toast, the groom should thank all of the guests for their attendance and mark the speech as a celebration towards his marriage with his new wife and their future life together.

8. Coordinating Transportation

An Indian bride and groom in front of a white vintage car.

If transportation from the wedding ceremony to the reception is needed, this is another thing that the groom is responsible for. This should be handled for the bride, groom, and entirety of the wedding party. Transportation could be a limo, a party bus, a trolley, or anything else that makes sense and fits into your wedding budget. The groom will also need to coordinate transportation after the reception for the bride and groom to their lodging as needed.

As you can see, the groom may not be as busy as the bride when it comes to wedding planning, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t have a to-do list to tend to!

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