8 Ways to Wedding Plan While Social Distancing

A bride sitting on the floor wearing a tulle dress.

This unprecedented and uncertain time of social distancing because of coronavirus has all of us stuck in our houses—and it has the tendency to make us all go a little stir crazy! If you’re engaged to be married and planning a wedding, however, you can put this “free” time to good use regardless of what stage of planning you’re actually in. There are a number of things you can do from the comfort of your own home to get ahead of wedding planning duties, all of which are quarantine-friendly and a productive way to pass the time.

Create Inspiring Pinterest Boards

Whether you’re in the beginning of wedding planning or deeper into it, ramping up your Pinterest boards with all things wedding-related is a great way to not only do something helpful to planning, but also to have fun! Create or add to boards for things like flowers, stationery, photography ideas, dresses, and color palettes. These can then be shared with vendors so they get an overall feel for what you want out of your big day. We put together a comprehensive guide of how to actually use Pinterest as a wedding planning tool.

Research Ceremony and Reception Venues

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If you’re newly engaged, this social distancing period presents the perfect time to do some research as far as venues go. Start by making a list of things you know you’re looking for in a venue and items that you know aren’t of interest to you for your event. These can be things that cover the environment (city or urban), setting (indoor or outdoor), size, and ambience of the venue. Start a master list of venues you’re interested in that contains the name, address, guest capacity, contact information, price (as available), and any other important notes. From there, you can begin calling venues to get more information and potentially narrow down your choices.

Create Your Gift Registry

While you’re cooped up inside, why not build your wedding registry? Websites make it incredibly easy to register for items from home. Plus, the abundance of free time can give you a chance to see what sites work best for you and fit your registry needs. Plus, you can actually do an in-home inventory of what you need and what you don’t, so you register for the most pertinent items. Here’s three unexpected stores where you can create a wedding gift registry.

Update Your Wedding Website

Someone working on a laptop and building their wedding website.

Now’s the time to take your wedding website to the next level. Beef it up with details about your event, an FAQ section, photographs, information about the wedding party, and fun activities guests can do when they’re in town. This will impress everyone and cut down on the amount of questions that come your way about the event, so it’s a win-win!

Create a Wedding Week-of and Day-of Timeline

A great task to work on at home if you have most of the basics planned for your day or if you’re getting close to the big day is to create a wedding day-of or week-of timeline. This should be an in-depth document to be used by all the important people at your wedding including your vendors, wedding party, and parents. These timelines should be pretty detailed and in-depth, so what better time to create them than when you’re at home under quarantine? To get you started, we have guides for both the week-of and day-of timelines for inspiration.

Plan Your Honeymoon

A couple in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

There’s nothing quite like the promise of a future vacation, so channel your cabin fever energy into planning the ultimate honeymoon. There may even be some great travel deals out there to take advantage of during this pandemic. This task not only gets you ahead as far as planning goes, but it also gives you and your future spouse something fun to look forward to during these uneasy times.

Indulge in Some Retail Therapy

You may or may not have been surprised to learn that wedding planning requires a bit of shopping, too! Online shopping can provide a fun escape during the coronavirus quarantine and will allow you to get some wedding-related items crossed off your list. For instance, take this time to really scout out some deals on things like accessories to wear at your bridal shower, bachelorette party, honeymoon, or even on your wedding day. You can also find items to gift your bridesmaids at a low cost by using sites like Etsy, which offer unique selections and simultaneously allow you to support small businesses.

Finalize Your Guest List

A vintage picture frame with escort cards at a wedding reception.

When you’re in the early days of wedding planning, compiling a guest list can be a stressful task. With a lot of time on your hands, you can go about methodically and chip away at its creation a little bit at a time. Take into account the capacity of your venue and your budget when creating the list. Make a list with your fiancé and then present it to anyone else you want input from, like your parents. Aim to have a finalized list with a number you’re comfortable with by the end of the quarantine. Having your wedding guest list finalized will be a big weight off your shoulders.

Make the most out of the coronavirus social distancing period, and you’ll end up feeling accomplished and productive on the wedding planning front!

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