8 Wedding Planning Tasks Your Groom May Actually Care About

A groom in a blue suit with a bowtie.

It’s no secret that grooms are often less interested in choosing every last detail of their upcoming wedding than the bride is. While this isn’t uncommon, that doesn’t mean that every wedding planning task will be unappealing to them. In fact, there are quite a few tasks that your groom may have strong opinions on, making it important to include him in nailing down the details on these key items.

1. The Reception Dinner Menu

A food truck vendor handing a bride a hamburger at a wedding reception.

Everyone likes to have a say in the dinner menu at a wedding! From cocktail hour to what the main course will be, you’ll definitely want to include the groom in these decisions. The menu should be a reflection of both of your tastes, and choosing the menu together should be a fun part of the wedding planning process. Tastings are a great event to attend together, and it’ll definitely get you both more excited for your big day.

2. The Rehearsal Dinner

Believe it or not, your groom may be excited about helping plan the rehearsal dinner. Since this dinner is more casual than the reception dinner and can carry a fun theme if you so choose, this may be something that the groom can get excited about. Especially if you are going for a more casual vibe for your rehearsal, you may want to let your groom choose the venue or base it around one of his specific interests—like having it at a sports bar if your groom is a big fan.

3. The Ceremony Details

A bride and groom holding candles at a religious wedding ceremony.

You’ll definitely want to consult your groom on what he envisions your ceremony to be for your wedding. Since this is arguably the most important part of your big day, you’ll want to see what opinions the groom has on the length, format, and setting of your marriage ceremony. To get started on this conversation, here’s eight questions to ask him about your wedding ceremony.

4. The Gift Registry

Creating a wedding gift registry can be a bit tedious, but that doesn’t mean your groom won’t be interested in it. He’ll likely have an opinion on things he would like around the house after you tie the knot. This is a fun experience to have together, so post up in front of a laptop together to peruse items or hit up your local department store with a registry gun to pick out all the items that will fill your home together. (Or, consider a honeymoon fund instead!)

5. All Things Entertainment

A trumpet player in a mariaci band at a wedding reception.

The entertainment at your wedding will definitely be something your groom will want a say in. In fact, coordinating the reception entertainment is traditionally a task handled by the groom. You’ll want to consult the groom on any “extra” entertainment items that you’re thinking of including, such as performers or photo booths. He will likely have his own ideas about what entertainment is important to him, and you want to ensure the party meets both of your visions.

6. The Cake and Desserts

A bride and groom standing behind their wedding cake.

Everyone loves dessert, and the groom will undoubtedly want to attend the cake tasting to help choose what type of cake you’ll have at your wedding reception. This is another fun planning event you can attend together, and it’s definitely one neither of you will want to miss out on!

7. Late Night Eats

Many weddings feature late night eats towards the end of the reception, which is a fun way to treat yourself and your guests after a long night of celebrating. This is something that the groom may be interested in planning, as it’s a fun aspect of the wedding with a lot of flexibility. Whether you want your venue to provide these treats or you’re looking to bring in your favorite fast food to enjoy, you can really get creative here and choose something both you and your future spouse love.

8. The Honeymoon

A young couple sitting in a Jeep on their honeymoon.

Choosing your honeymoon is something your groom will assuredly want involvement in, and this is another aspect of planning that should end up being a true reflection of both of your interests. Finding the perfect vacation spot to commemorate your marriage is such a fun process and gives you an amazing experience to look forward to together as you begin your married life.

Your groom may be more interested in planning different aspects of your wedding than you originally thought, so always give him the option of being included so that he has a chance to voice his opinions.

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