9 Tips for Taking the Best Wedding Photos

A photographer taking a picture of a bride leaning against a wall.

There’s a lot of pressure on couples to get their wedding pictures perfect. Rightfully so, perhaps, since you’re capturing one of the most magical moments of your life. Fortunately, whether you’re naturally photogenic or not, taking amazing photos is not as challenging as you may think. With the right photographer and an easy-going attitude, you’ll have an impressive wedding album to look through for years to come. Here’s some advice to take before you step into the limelight.

1. It all Starts with the Photographer

There’s no argument that with a fantastic photographer you’ll end up with fantastic pictures—but not for reasons you may think. Sure, they know how to capture a good shot, but their job goes beyond that.

A great photographer will not only make you comfortable during the shoot, but also be your guide. That means you won’t have to worry about posing the wrong way or standing awkwardly. They’ll direct you through the process.

But choosing the right photographer can be a challenge. Discuss your ideas with them before booking. You want to make sure you’re on the same page in terms of what vibe you want to capture without stifling their creativity (or yours!).

2. …And an Assistant Photographer

If your budget allows, it’s a good idea to hire an assistant. This way, you have two people capturing key moments from different angles, thus doubling the chances of a once-in-a-lifetime picture. Your photographer may already include the addition of an assistant into your package, or they may not. Either way, it’s something to consider to maximize the number of photos you receive.

3. Don’t Just Stand There!

A bride and groom posing in front of a classic blue car.

You might think posing for a photo involves standing very, very still. This isn’t always the case. In fact, a bit of movement can create a much more relaxed appearance. For example, even if it’s a simple shot of you and your partner holding hands, try rocking side-to-side slightly to avoid looking too stiff.

4. Think Outside the Photo Booth

Never rule out traditional photos; there’s a reason they’re timeless. However, don’t exclude adventurous shots, either. Remember how “trash the dress” shoots became so popular? Well, there are plenty of other creative opportunities if you’re willing to try something unexpected. Along the same lines, it’s recommended that you walk the venue beforehand and note any good spots for photos. And feel free to bring props if you think they’ll add something extra.

5. Don’t Let Anything Weigh You Down

A bride and groom standing under an umbrella in the rain in the middle of a street.

On a related note, don’t be put off by bad weather (or other mishaps). Be it rain, shine, or gusty winds, there’s no excuse for poor sportsmanship. Actually, these tend to be the moments where you can capture a truly unique picture. Just recall that incredible photo of Meghan and Harry walking in the London rain!

6. Give it Time

Make sure to set aside at least two hours with your photographer. This can be divided throughout the day. That way, you won’t rush through the process and will have all the time you need to relax and get the right shot.

7. Mind the Light

A bride and groom walking in a field with the sun setting behind them.

Your photographer will likely tell you this too, but the most flattering photos are taken when the sun is not directly above your head. This means schedule your photoshoot either in the morning or closer to the evening. Harsh lighting during the midday can make even a supermodel look bad and, unfortunately, is often even hard to edit.

8. Just Go with It

Ultimately, the best piece of advice anyone can give you when it comes to taking your wedding photos is to just relax and go with it, especially if you’re the nervous type. Pretend the photographer isn’t even there and act natural. Again, a good photographer will be able to capture the perfect picture from a candid situation.

9. You Can Always Have a Re-Do

A bride and groom in an orchard with the bride's veil blowing in the wind.

Should your photos not turn out as expected, you can schedule a second shoot after the wedding. In fact, many couples actually prefer to take their official photos on a separate day from the wedding as it eases the stress on the big day.

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