A Groom’s Guide to Looking Good on His Wedding Day

Everyone knows that a bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Wedding planning sites are chock-full of advice to help ladies do their hair and makeup, get in shape for the big day, or find the most flattering dress for their shape. When it comes to the grooms, however, most advice ends after “wear a suit and make sure you shave.” If you’re a groom-to-be who wants to REALLY wow your bride as she walks down the aisle, consider sprucing up your look with these grooming tips!

Take Care of Your Skin

Because gentlemen don’t usually wear concealer or foundation (though if you want to put a little on, be my guest), it’s tougher for grooms to hide blemishes or other skin issues on their wedding day. This is why it’s so important to work on getting great skin ASAP. How do you do it? With a clean diet, lots of water, and a great skincare routine. Make an honest assessment of your skin’s needs (Do you have dry skin? Oily?) and find products that will help you achieve that perfect look. Not sure what products you need? Talk to a dermatologist, or even to your fiancée; they should be able to point you towards products or brands that will suit you.

Hydrate and Eat Clean

A man exercising at a stadium and holding a water bottle.

You’ve probably heard this tip before. Your doctors said it, your mom said it, the coaches on your high school sports teams said it—everyone wants you to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. And while it may be easy to hit the drive-thru or grab a bag of chips, watching your diet is one way to ensure you look great on your wedding day. Drinking eight glasses of water each day and filling your stomach with fresh fruits and veggies will help give you clear, radiant skin—and you’ll feel much better, too! Start cleaning up your diet and upping your hydration routine as soon as you get engaged, and you’ll find that you look great by the time the big day rolls around.

Whiten that Smile

A man brushing his teeth in a bathroom.

If there’s one thing I know you’ll be doing on your wedding day (besides getting married, obviously), it’s posing for lots AND LOTS of photos. The photos you take on your wedding day will be admired by your kids, grandkids, and relatives for years to come…and that means you should make sure your chompers are looking their prettiest.

Talk to your dentist early on in the wedding planning process to find out what whitening treatments will suit you. Will a few months with a whitening toothpaste do the trick? Should you get some professional whitening treatments done closer to the wedding? A brighter smile will make you look more polished, give you more confidence, and make your wedding photos look extra gorgeous.

Tame Your Facial Hair

A man getting his beard trimmed at a barbershop.

One of the easiest ways for a man to look polished and put together is by simply trimming his facial hair. Whether you rock a mustache, full beard, or keep your face clean-shaven, you will always look better when your look is well-maintained. So, make sure you grab the scissors or razor before your big day—or better yet, head to a barber for a little pampering with your groomsmen.

Of course, your facial hair isn’t limited to the lower half of your face. Most men can benefit from a little clean-up work around the eyebrows, too, so don’t be afraid to visit the esthetician for a wax or threading a few days before the wedding. You’ll be surprised how big a difference having tidy eyebrows can make on your face!

Keep it Simple

Some grooms might be overwhelmed by all these grooming tips. Skincare products? Waxing? For some men, it may seem like a lot. I get it—not every guy is familiar with high-maintenance beauty routines. This is why it’s important that you remember one rule: keep your routine as simple as possible.

Start working on your grooming routine early on, so you have plenty of time to see how your skin reacts to different products, diet changes, and beauty treatments. Use only a few products at a time and pay close attention to the results you see on your face, so you know what works for you. And finally (listen up: this one’s important), NEVER try a new product or treatment the week of your wedding! The last thing you want is to have an allergic reaction the night before you tie the knot!

If you take it slow and pay attention to your body, you’ll have no trouble looking your very best on your wedding day. Who knows—you might love your new look so much that you’ll keep it going for years to come!

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