All About Hosting Your Wedding at a Vacation Rental Property

With the rise of companies such as Airbnb and Vrbo (Vacation Rental by Owner), it’s become more common not only to vacation at rental properties but to host weddings at them! While there are obviously a more limited number of rentals that can accommodate these events, they certainly do exist—and couples host beautiful and unforgettable events at them. The idea of doing this can seem overwhelming, as for many this is uncharted territory. There’s definitely a lot to know about the process, but it’s completely doable and is a fun planning venture if you’re committed to making it work.

The Benefits of an Airbnb or Vrbo Wedding

There are several benefits that make a private vacation rental wedding extra appealing to couples.

You Can Have all the Privacy You Want

The element of having complete and utter privacy at a vacation rental wedding is one that frequently entices couples. This setting allows for a more intimate affair in a secluded place without interruptions or extraneous people.

There’s Plenty of Opportunity for Customization

A wedding reception set up between trees with lights and a long table.

Having your wedding at a rental property certainly gives you more freedom to make the event your own and customize everything about it to your liking. Think of a rental property wedding as starting with a totally blank slate in which you get to decide on nearly every aspect of your day. More traditional venues don’t always offer that, making rental property weddings very alluring.

You Can Live out Your Fantasy Wedding

For many couples, the idea of a private and perfectly tailored rental property wedding is somewhat of a fantasy. It feels luxurious and almost sublime to have an event at this little oasis you’ve created for your big day. That is definitely a draw for many couples when deciding whether they want to take the plunge with a rental property wedding.

Important Things to Know About Vacation Rental Weddings

To get these benefits, it’s important to understand there’s a few items you’ll need to cover that you wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about with a more traditional venue.

There May Be a Permitting Process

For weddings at private properties or estates, you may be required to obtain special permits for the event. These could be surrounding the number of attendees, noise, parking, and so on. This could be a lengthy process and is definitely something to look into before committing to a rental property.

Rentals, Rentals, Rentals!

A wedding reception set up in the courtyard of a vacation rental property.

A wedding at a rental property will require quite a few equipment rentals, which will likely be outside what you’d have to acquire at a more traditional wedding venue. Besides chairs and furniture, the list of potential rental items may include cutlery, plates, linens, umbrellas, heaters, fans, a dance floor, and so on. You may even need to rent portable bathrooms, depending on the size of your party and the number of facilities in your rental. This can require a lot of coordination and a lot of money, so it’s definitely something to consider.

Consider Hiring Professional Planning Help

These types of weddings usually require more in-depth planning and coordination than those at other venues. For this reason, it’s usually recommended that couples work with a wedding planner. This makes it easier not only to ensure that there aren’t any stones left unturned during the planning process, but because the planner can act as a point person on the wedding day to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Take Time Choosing Your Vendors

Two musicians playing at a wedding reception.

One of the great things about rental property weddings, as mentioned above, is that you get to tailor everything about them to meet your wants and needs. For that reason, you can spend an abundance of time choosing your vendors for everything from catering to bartending to music to photography. Especially when it comes to catering, having the freedom to choose makes it easy to get exactly what you want out of your day.

Plan for Extra Costs

As it goes with a vacation rental property wedding, you’ll need to plan for unforeseen costs associated with the event due to the special nature of these venues. These extra costs can include permitting fees, contingency planning, the cost of generators to power the event, event insurance, the cost of parking attendants, and so on. Factoring extra money into your wedding budget to account for these expenditures is an important part of making your big day a success and to ensure you don’t end up surprised late in the process.

There is clearly a lot that goes into a rental property wedding, so understanding the large scope of these events before you get started is vital to planning a successful wedding at a private estate.

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