California to Allow Videoconference Marriage Ceremonies During Coronavirus Pandemic

California couples are now able to legally wed via videoconference due to an executive order Governor Gavin Newsom signed into effect on Thursday, April 30. The law will be applicable for the next 60 days during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Requirements for these legal marriage ceremonies include that both persons be located within California, are present during the videoconference, show legal IDs during the video, and can obtain an emailed marriage license from the local county clerk. Couples may also solemnize the marriage themselves, provided there is a witness present.

Public health safety concerns and social distancing requirements have forced engaged couples to either postpone their weddings or cancel them altogether. Marriage laws vary state-to-state, and California is in the minority along with Colorado and New York of those allowing virtual marriage ceremonies during the pandemic.

A copy of executive order N-58-20 can be found here.

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