7 Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Be a Bridesmaid

bridesmaid proposal

Your significant other popped the question, and now it’s your turn. Have you planned your bridesmaid proposal? When it comes time to share the love with your best friends, you will need to know what to say, what to do, and what to buy to ensure a resounding “Yes!” from each person you’ve asked.

If you’re stumped on how to ask your favorite people to be a part of your special, this guide guide can help. Here are some fun ways to personalize the way you pop the question to your bridesmaids.

1. For Wine Lovers

If girl’s night isn’t complete without several bottles of vino, you’re into wine. Invite your girls over for wine night with a bridal twist. Create a backdrop for a photo shoot using a white sheet, your favorite colored balloons, tassel garland, boas, photo booth props, and more. When it’s time for the main event, hand out personalized wine bottles to each of your friends with their names and the big question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” printed on the bottle’s label. You can either purchase personalized wine bottles or make your own!

Drink until you forget your wedding date, and take endless pictures for social media, of course.

2. For the Photography Junky

If Instagram is life, you love taking photos. Find a local photo booth in a mall or movie theater in your neighborhood. Invite your friends to see a movie or shop at the mall, and ask them one at a time to take pictures with you in the booth. When the pictures begin, whisper in each person’s ear “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and see her reaction in the following photos that you both can keep forever.

3. For the Foodie

If you are the friend who always chooses the spot for brunch dates, you’re a foodie. Invite all your soon-to-be bridesmaids over for Chinese food. You could order takeout or make a meal yourself. Set the table and place custom fortune cookies by each plate. You can order customizable fortune cookies online with the big question. Stuff your face together, and once everyone’s done eating, ask all of your besties to read their fortunes aloud at the same time. Be sure you have your phone ready for a video!

4. For the Game Night Champion

If you and your partner are reigning Heads Up! champs, you are a fan of game night. Invite your friends (and their significant others) over for a casual game night. After playing your regulars, hand them each their own personalized photo puzzle with a photo of the two of you and text asking if they will be your bridesmaids.

5. For the Coffee Connoisseur

If your day doesn’t start without an extra large caramel macchiato, you love coffee. Invite your friends to a coffee date at your favorite coffee shop. Ask them to snag a table while you order, and get your girls’ drinks of choice. Take out personalized coffee cups with the name of each bridesmaid and the question, and ask the barista to pour the coffee in your special cups. When the barista yells their names out, they can walk up to get their drinks and be surprised to see “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on the cups. Be prepared for a loud “Yes!” and many hugs — maybe even some water works.

6. For the Fashionista

If your favorite part of your morning routine is choosing an outfit, you love fashion. Ask your gal pals to go wedding dress shopping. Before they arrive, stage a closet with personalized hangers that say “Bridesmaid,” with their names and your wedding date carved into the wood or made into the wire. After trying on several dresses, ask them to all check the closet for one final look. You can even have bridesmaid dress options on the hangers ready for them to try on!

7. For the Sweet Tooth

If your favorite aisle in the grocery store is the candy aisle, you have a sweet tooth. Take your ladies to one of your favorite places—whether it’s the beach, a park, or your home—and present them each with a box. Have them form a semicircle around you, get on one knee, and ask them all to be your bridesmaids. Then instruct them to open their boxes. Each box will contain different ring pops they can wear. Take tons of photos of your hands together with your engagement ring and their ring pops on.

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