DIY Your Wedding Invitations in 5 Ways

A bride holding a bouquet and a pink watercolor wedding invitation.

Let’s face it: weddings are expensive! From the venue to catering to the photographer to the flowers, planning a wedding can feel like you’re absolutely bleeding cash in honor of the big day. One opportunity to save money in the process, however, is through your invitations. There are several ways to create your wedding invitations for a portion of the cost of the more traditional route—and making them yourself may actually be a fun experience you’ll remember forever!

1. Paint with Watercolors

Artful and whimsical invitations are easy to make with the help of watercolor paints. Even inexperienced DIYers can make these because they’re that simple. Use a small paint brush, water, watercolors in the shades of your choosing, and card stock.

To make these, squeeze a bit of each color onto a piece of cardstock to use as your palette. Wet your paintbrush thoroughly and dip it in the color you want to start with. Apply the watered down paint from your brush onto the card stock and move the brush in a zigzag motion. It’s okay if the color looks more pigmented in certain spots; it’s not supposed to look perfect! You can also mix colors as you choose for this project. Let the cardstock pieces dry and then print your text directly on this paper and your invites will be ready.

2. Print the Invitations at an Office Supply Store

A save the date and wedding invitiation with minimalistic design.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of printing wedding invitations yourself, you can send the design off to an office supply store to have your invites printed. While this does have some cost associated with it, obviously, it’s a much more budget-friendly option of ordering your invites the traditional way.

3. Print the Invitations Yourself

If you’re skilled in graphic design or find a preset design on a site like Etsy, you can easily print your wedding invitations yourself from the comfort of your own home. This is a highly economical choice and will cost far less than ordering your invites from a professional stationer. To do this, buy heavy-duty, printer-friendly cardstock paper at an office supply or stationery store. Also, test your computer and printer prior to printing on card stock to ensure that everything is working well and to see exactly how the colors will come out on printed paper.

4. Use Stamps

A wedding invitation suite made with a gold bird stamp and calligraphy.

There are a few different creative ways to create stamped invitations. Start by choosing stamps you want to use for this project and getting cardstock flat cards. Rubber stamps work best, and luckily there are so many out there to choose from! You can even have a custom rubber stamp created in the text of your invitation. From there, you can use traditional ink or use an embossing kit to create your stamp images. Both options are very easy and cost-effective. This method will take some time and patience, but you’re sure to love how your invites turn out.

Another unique spin on stamped invitations is to press real flowers and then turn them into artful stamps. Once they’re flat and dry, apply paint on the flowers to use them as stamps. Use a variety of different flowers and colors to create depth to your invitations and to make each of them a unique work of art.

5. Use a Die Cutting Machine

A bride holding her DIY wedding invitation made with a diecutting machine.

If you have a die cutting machine such as a Silhouette or Cricut, you can create invitations using the cut and draw features. Not only can the machines cut out elegant and intricate designs, but you can use one of the pen inserts to write the text out on your invites, envelopes, and coordinating pieces. If you don’t have a die cutting machine, there is another option! A pattern cutter or punch is a great alternative to create an intricate design or border on your invites.

These are just a few creative and fun ways to create your own wedding invitations and to save some serious money in the process.

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