Floral Bridesmaid Headbands

Floral Bridesmaid Headbands

By the time your big day rolls around, chances are your bridesmaids have already spent a significant amount of cash on preparations. Instead of asking them to shell out for another wedding-related accessory, treat them to their very own customized floral headband, which you can make yourself using just a few scraps of fabric.

Even if your sewing skills aren’t all that great, you can create these pretty petal-inspired headbands with just a few stitches and a bit of patience. Best of all, you can use whatever colors you like or even leftover fabric from dress alterations, just be sure to ask your seamstress to keep the scraps!


  • Plastic headband
  • Scraps of fabric to match your bridesmaid’s dresses
  • Assorted rhinestones
  • Scissors or pinking shears
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1 — Cut Flower Material Pieces

cut the materials to make flowers

To get started, cut a few small squares of fabric measuring approximately 2×2 inches. You’ll need about five or six squares per flower, so if you want to include three finished flowers on your completed headband, you’ll need 15 or 20 squares. Don’t worry about making them perfectly square or perfectly symmetrical because you’re going to rough them up in the next step anyway.

Step 2 — Add Texture to the Petals

add texture to the petals

To create texture and turn your squares of fabric into flower petals, fold each square in half and then in half again so that it’s one quarter of its original size. Use your scissors to cut a scalloped or zigzag pattern along both edges. Scrapbooking scissors won’t work well on fabric, but pinking shears will, so if you have a pair, give them a try. If not, don’t worry: just change the angle of your scissors every quarter inch or so to give the edge of your flower petals some texture.

Step 3 — Form the Flowers

form the flowers

Unfold your squares of fabric and pinch the center of each square. This will cause the edges to bunch up—this is good! Play around with different shapes, but vary the amount of pressure applied to each square as you pinch. These new shapes will become your flower petals, so once you’re happy with their appearance, use a few small stitches to hold each shape secure.

Step 4 — Assemble the Flowers

assemble flower

Begin to assemble your individual flowers by placing one pinched flower petal on top of another. Be sure to vary their facing so that the petals appear to spread out in all directions. Add a few stitches to hold your first petals together, then add the rest, building up on the first petal as if it was your base. You can also save a single un-pinched square of fabric to place below your other petals to give the blossom a fuller look. Repeat this process for all three flowers, or more, depending on how many flowers you want for your finished headband.

Step 5

floral bridesmaid headbands

Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement of your flowers, you’ll need to select a headband. Most dollar stores sell plastic headbands that will do just the trick, just be sure to match the color with the color of your bridesmaid’s hair. Clear headbands work great for blondes while darker or tortoise shell headbands are better for brunettes. Glue the base of each flower to the headband, and take a moment to adjust the shape and direction of the original petals as needed. To hold everything in place and add a bit of sparkle, glue a small circular or oval shaped rhinestone to the center of each flower. This will help spread the petals out and keep them from moving around too much.

For bridesmaids, an asymmetrical arrangement of a few flowers on your headband is both chic and understated. For a flower girl, consider creating enough flowers to cover the entire headband.

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