Fun Touches to Keep Wedding Guests Healthy

A rustic wedding sign that says "Happily Ever After Starts Here."

In the world of COVID-19, the idea of staying healthy is top of mind for seemingly everyone. Especially when you’re hosting a wedding, you want to ensure that you and your guests alike are kept healthy. The idea of taking measures to keep germs at bay may seem like quite the downer for your big event, but there are definitely ways to do it that are clever, cute, and even fun for you and your wedding guests.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Wedding guests using hand sanitizer.

Set up hand sanitizer stations around your event so that guests are able to easily ward of germs throughout the entirety of your wedding. These should be set up during every part of your event—the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception—and should be strategically placed near high-touch areas. This would include the bar, bathrooms, food stations, or near anything else that will be touched by many guests and often.

Indication Wristbands

Wristbands can be used to help guests identify their comfort levels with interactions given COVID-19. Since this is a sensitive topic and everyone has different personal preferences, this is an easy and considerate way to give guests a way to easily indicate to others how they’re feeling. Have different colored wristbands with signage as to what they mean when guests wear them. For instance, one color can mean, “fine with hugging and high fives”, another color can indicate “okay with talking but not touching,” and the last can signify “celebrating from a distance.” If wristbands aren’t your thing, you could use practically any other wearable item, such as pins or even flower corsages and boutonnieres, for guests to wear as a fun and fashionable signal that helps everyone maintain their health and personal comfort.

Personalized Masks

Getting personalized masks for your big day is so on-trend for 2020! Plus, it’s the perfect way to give your guests some swag. Have cloth or disposable masks made with your wedding crest, your names and wedding date, or a fun saying on them. If you’re looking to get really creative, maybe do a couples caricature on it. Instead of having these in a communal area for guests to grab, place one on each seat for the ceremony or at each place setting at your reception.

Virtual Photo Booth

A bunch of photo booth props.

Photo booths are a fun part of weddings, but they can promote high-touch areas that result in the unwanted spread of germs. To help guests avoid this, you can set up a socially distanced, virtual photo booth instead. Do this by providing guests with their own props at reception place settings. Be creative with these props! They can be small items that are on theme with your wedding or they can even act as your wedding favors. Encourage guests to take selfies of themselves with the props and then post them with your wedding hashtag to social media so you can easily view them all. Another option is to have guests send all of their selfies to a photo stream that you have on a continuous loop in one part of your reception for everyone to enjoy.

Healthy Welcome Bags

If you’re having a destination wedding where many guests are staying in a hotel, you may want to provide your loved ones with some materials to help them stay healthy. These can include items like hand sanitizer, tissue packs, immunity tea, and vitamin C gummies. You can also include things like face masks, gloves, and a list of best practices that guests should follow to keep themselves and others healthy. This is a nice touch that is fun and useful for guests to receive upon arrival to your wedding.

Helping guests maintain a social distance and stay healthy at your wedding is more fun than you may have originally thought with these clever touches.

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